Chiropractor hopes his loss is your gain

Prentice hopes to help people by keeping them posted on his efforts to shed 100 pounds SANDUSKY What began as a quest
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Prentice hopes to help people by keeping them posted on his efforts to shed 100 pounds


What began as a quest to lose weight for one has turned into a journey of inspiration for hundreds.

Ten weeks ago, local chiropractor Steven Prentice embarked on a quest to lose 100 pounds.

Prentice, 37, is also writing two e-mail updates per week to patients, friends and interested strangers about his weight-loss adventure.

"It's about overcoming things and growing past our problems," he explained.

Prentice started his chiropractic practice in Sandusky 11 years ago.

"There was always a glaring contradiction between my life and my practice that always bothered me," Prentice said.

He said he has struggled with his weight for more than a decade. Prentice said issues with weight are often a source of shame and embarrassment for many people.

Choosing to share his journey with so many, Prentice said, is a risk he is willing to take.

The first step was to overcome the mental obstacles that have been holding him back.

Also an addictionologist, Prentice began applying what he knew about addiction to his problem with food.

"I started digging into my own mind and my own life," he said. "When a person has been something for a long time, it tends to become a part of their identity and it's hard to see themselves as anything but."

Prentice knew that he had to change how he perceived his own identity so that he could begin to change his life.

Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, what you believe will happen is often what you will get, Prentice said.

Dave Zoellner, 38, of Milan, has been a patient at Dr. Prentice's office since 2000. Zoellner, his wife and their two children are on Dr. Prentice's wellness program. Zoellner has gotten Prentice's e-mails from the beginning.

"It's gutsy," Zoellner said. "Failure is not an option when you do it that way. I don't know if I could do that."

Zoellner said Prentice is candid in his updates.

"He writes his e-mail just like you're talking to him," he said. "He's very upfront and honest."

Prentice said his e-mails are a total open book that tell the good, the bad and ugly.

"Now I'm accountable to hundreds of people," Prentice said.

More than 300 people are on Prentice's e-mail list, and the list just keeps growing.

Prentice said he was always inspired by transformation reality shows on television, which often focused on the "before" and the "after" of a person's journey.

"They'd always skip the middle, and that's the part I always wanted to know," he said.

So far he has lost 33 pounds and is confident he will reach his goal weight of 182 pounds.

While his quest to lose weight is for himself, Prentice said it is also for his patients.

"What could I say to them that would work better than watching me go through this?"

"If people want to follow along, all they have to do is e-mail me." -- Dr. Steve Prentice.

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