Hometown cookin'

SANDUSKY Yesteryears Restaurant has something cooking in downtown Sandusky. The histo
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Yesteryears Restaurant has something cooking in downtown Sandusky.

The historically-themed restaurant, which features American cuisine, opened Thursday at 129 W. Market St., the building that used to house Weber's clothing store.

Pam Frisch, 52, of Sandusky, is the owner of Yesteryears.

"We want to be a hometown restaurant," Frisch said. "I wanted it to be kind of old-fashioned."

Sandusky's historic downtown is a perfect fit for Frisch's restaurant; even the name invokes memories of years gone by.

"I think it's gonna boom eventually," Frisch said of the downtown, mentioning the new condos at Chesapeake and talk of the Marina District project. Frisch said she thinks the downtown "will be the place to be."

The original tin ceiling, like the ones found in other historic downtown buildings, had been removed before Frisch bought the building. She wanted to maintain the historic feel, so Frisch installed a similarly patterned ceiling that looks nearly identical to the original.

"The original (wooden) floor is still here; everything else was gutted," Frisch said.

Even though she'd never had experience in the restaurant business, Frisch bought the building in February and began restoration work for Yesteryears. Frisch was excited about opening the restaurant.

"I'd always wanted to do it," she said. "I like being around people."

Historic photos hang on the walls, adding ambiance.

Frisch said she found most of the photographs at the Rutherford B. Hayes Museum in Fremont, and she hopes to find more at the Sandusky Library.

Yesteryears was scheduled to open Aug. 31, but Frisch decided to wait until they were completely ready.

The new chef at the restaurant is John Stidham.

Business at Yesteryears was steady for the opening day.

"Everything was just so good," said Nancy Huey, of Fremont, after finishing lunch Thursday afternoon.

"The perch was very good," added Melissa Martin of Sandusky. "It's hard to find good perch."

Frisch said she's hopeful that locals will support Yesteryears.

"I'll definitely be back," said Debbie Reinhart of Sandusky.

Frisch said that they plan to acquire the liquor license for Yesteryears later this month.

Yesteryears will be open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. daily.