Sandusky beach locations discussed

SANDUSKY Speculation continues about whether Lake Erie waves will soon crest on a public beach in Sa
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Speculation continues about whether Lake Erie waves will soon crest on a public beach in Sandusky.

Lions Park is one location city officials have discussed for years as a possible beach venue. Another location recently thrown into the mix is the Apex property at 1643 First St.

"That's an ideal spot for a beach, if somehow that could happen," said Ex officio Mayor Dan Kaman.

Assistant City Manager Gary Packan said city officials have brainstormed about possible beach locations, and the Apex property was one of the places that came up in discussions. Shoreline Park has also been discussed.

The small natural beach that exists on the Apex property would need major enhancements to become a public beach, Packan said. He added that with a price tag of $7.5 million dollars, the Apex property is also well outside the city's budget at this time.

While the possibility of adding a public beach in Sandusky has been discussed, it appears it won't happen anytime soon.

"It's nothing that we have planned," Packan said.

A beach does draw in people, but at a cost.

Nickel Plate beach in Huron has attracted nearly 20,000 beach-goers since Memorial Day weekend, said Chris Basting of Huron Parks and Recreation. Nickel Plate charges a $5 parking fee per car, but no individual admission fee.

Basting said the cost of beach maintenance is also quite substantial. Even after the initial expenditure to construct the beach and the necessary facilities for it, there are maintenance costs for things such as cleaning and raking, plus the cost of paying workers to do those tasks.

Whether those issues are in Sandusky's future depends on the future of properties such as Apex and Lions Park.

Apex Electrical used to be one of Sandusky's largest employers. During World War II, the plant employed nearly 1,500 people and was used to produce equipment needed for the war effort. The plant closed in 1957 and is considered a brownfield, or environmentally contaminated, site. The Apex property is owned by Famous Supply Co. in Akron.

Famous Supply Co. officials said they had no comment on the project at this time.