Erie County Fair finishes with a bang

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Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



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Hundreds of people stood and watched a 41-car pile up at the Erie County fairgrounds Sunday evening, but then again, that was the whole idea.

A captivated audience of thrill seekers whooped and hollered as the annual Erie County Fair Demolition Derby rolled into town.

Exhaust fumes and adrenaline flowed freely as demolition cars smashed into one another in teams of five until one team's cars completely malfunctioned.

In the derby's main event, 10 cars entered the fairground's muddy pit, but only five drove out, and there was certainly no love lost between longtime derby rivals Mike Puckrin and Jeff Roe.

Disabled cars sat helplessly wedged against cement guarders as opposing team cars crushed them.

Puckrin's silver team defeated Roe's black team in a bone crunching grudge match that gave excited fans exactly what they paid to see --carnage.

"Just crashin' and bashin'," said derby spectator Dave Brewer, 29, of Fremont. "You gotta love that."

Erie County Fair board President Bob McDowell said the demolition derby is the most anticipated event at the fair every year.

"People like to see cars get wrecked," he said during the derby. "They like the excitement."

McDowell said Sunday was a huge success as the derby combined with good weather to fill the fairground's stadium seats to near capacity.

An estimated 6,500 to 7,000 people showed up throughout the day, McDowell said.

Proceeds from this year's fair will help fund next year's fair and help pay for maintenance and upgrades to the county fairgrounds, McDowell said.

"What we make off the fair we basically have to live on for 11 months and three weeks," he said.