City Hall location still to be decided

SANDUSKY The Marina District decision could determine whether city hall will get a new home.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



The Marina District decision could determine whether city hall will get a new home.

The city hall redevelopment project is still five or six years down the road. It is one of the last components of the Marina District project, said City Commissioner Dave Waddington.

"Regarding city hall, a number of locations have been discussed, but our desire would be to relocate city hall downtown," said Scott Schell, economic development specialist for the city department of development.

The city hall may continue to share a building with the police department and municipal court.

If that proves to be the case, one potential location for a new combined facility would be the parking lot already owned by the city on the corner of Jackson and Water streets.

But a combined facility is not the only option.

Over the last couple of months there has been increasing discussion about the feasibility of the police department and municipal court constructing and sharing more of a "regional" facility, possibly with Perkins Township or the County, Schell said.

According to Schell, options for the new city hall should it be moved independently of the police department and municipal court include rehabilitating portions of the Hotel Rieger or the Keller building, or building a new facility in open areas such as the Farmer's Market parking lot at Hancock and Market streets, or the Grace Episcopal Church parking lot at Washington and Wayne Streets.

Horne and King Architects out of Dublin, Ohio, conducted a square-footage needs assessment for the city and determined that both the police department and the municipal court facilities need to be updated and expanded while the administrative facilities could be pared down.

Horne and King recommend that the police department needs 21,560 square feet, compared to the 15,500 square feet it currently occupies. The municipal court would need to more than double in size from 5,800 square feet to 16,035 square feet. The administrative portions of city hall currently 21,200 square feet were determined to need only 16,375.

Horne and King estimated the cost of the project around $11 million should the city hall, police department and municipal court be combined.

Schell said there are still many important decisions to be made with the project.