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May 24, 2010



If you aren't  a Register subscriber, you're not getting the whole story.  Here's what's in today's paper.

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*Rescue drill closes in on trapped miners

*FunHorse: Horse Fun Show at Erie County Fair lets 4-H riders strut their stuff after stress of competition

*Lahoski legal bill $7,500 for Bellevue schools

*Corso's fire damage $1M

*Vets have their orders

*Today's highlights at the Erie County Fair


*Nose cone of European rocket arrives in Erie County for testing

*City Hall location still to be decided

*Erie County loses $63,000 recycling grant

*Man involved with mall mugging gets 15 years in prison

*Report: man chokes, slams womans head into wall

*Lightning suspected cause in major barn fire

*Suspected purse snatcher nabbed

*Divers discover body of man who fled police

*Man pleads not guilty to aggravated arson

*Fake diamond case may be coming to an end

*Man sentenced to 21-year prison term

*Manager called 911 just before he was killed

*Art for any appetite


*No longer in the minority

*Barking up the right tree

*Just disclose it

*You said it


*Quinn works with scout team, McGinest to have surgery

*Sandusky hires Steinemann as girls tennis coach

*Storm takes lead, Daly arrives out of the blue

*Tribe top ChiSox, win series

*Dallas beats Indianapolis 23-10

*Lions' WR Johnson shines in victory

*Summer of broken records turn thoughts to racing

*Crafton ready to race in Nashville

*Beckham makes debut

*A birdie, a par and a goose!

*Erie County Fair results

*Nascar smiles on Montoya's success

*It's business as usual in the Dodge camp

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