Kids' Day at the Erie County Fair all about space

SANDUSKY The fair was filled with kids on Wednesday, and not just in the goat barn. &
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



The fair was filled with kids on Wednesday, and not just in the goat barn.

"Today we're talking all about space," said Christine Barnett, COSI outreach demonstrator.

COSI brought hands-on, space-themed activities for Kids' Day at the 50th annual Erie County Fair.

Brandon Jenkins, 8, of Perkins Township completed two simulated tasks with the same gloves and equipment astronauts use to perform experiments in space.

"I did both pretty good," Brandon said.

He and his younger sister were enjoying the Kids' Day activities with their grandmother.

"I'm thinking about being an astronaut," Brandon said. "Or an officer. I don't know yet."

Austin Curliss, 10, Bellevue, and Mic Kaufman, 12, Berlin Heights, said the fair was "awesome."

Both boys are participating in 4-H programs.

"This is my fifth year coming to the fair," Austin said. This year Austin brought his miniature horse Spirit.

Brooke Courtney, 9, Wakeman, also brought her miniature horse Snickers to the fair. Brooke was at the fair with her 7-year-old brother Elliot Courtney.

Alexis Fox, 8, Sandusky, has three chickens at the fair, but her chickens don't have names.

"We can't tell the difference," Alexis said with a smile.

Max Kaufman, 8, Huron, said his favorite part of the fair are the horses and all of the rides.

Brooke, Alexis, Elliot and Max made astronaut food with Max's mother, Wendy Kaufman, at the COSI tables in the Multi-Purpose Building.

"They all camp here all week," Kaufman said of the kids. "They all stay Sunday night and help clean up on Monday, too."

The Erie Metroparks, Erie County Waste Reduction, Firelands Pioneer Power Association, Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Margaretta Young Farmers and Farm Wives also participated in the kids' day events.