Cedar Point dinosaur: Lake Erie coast is dino-mite!

If the tourists visiting the Lake Erie Shores & Islands booth this weekend don't notice the four tons of sand, perhaps the roaring dinosaur will get their attention.
Tom Jackson
Jan 22, 2012


If the tourists visiting the Lake Erie Shores & Islands booth this weekend don't notice the four tons of sand, perhaps the roaring dinosaur will get their attention.

Lake Erie Shores & Islands, the visitor and convention bureau for Erie and Ottawa counties, has a large booth — 40 feet by 40 feet — this weekend at the AAA Great Vacations Expo at Veterans Memorial in downtown Columbus.

The booth, cosponsored by 13 local businesses, is the biggest effort yet by Lake Erie Shores & Islands at the annual show to try to lure tourists to the Lake Erie coast.

The booth features wine tastings from Put-in-Bay Winery, Snoopy from Cedar Point and movie pirate character Jack Sparrow (representing the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce.) A Wylie Walleye mascot will show up, too, putting his best fin forward to represent the Port Clinton area, said Larry Fletcher, executive director of Lake Erie Shores & Islands West.

Snoopy and Wylie are trying to avoid being upstaged by Pachy, short for Pachycephalosaurus, an animatronic dinosaur about 10 feet long from Cedar Point that roars loudly and moves its tail.

Pachy serves as an ambassador for Cedar Point's Dinosaurs Alive! attraction, scheduled to open this year as the park's new feature attraction. Pachy is designed to give a taste of the much-larger dinosaurs the park will feature.

"That's why it's a smaller one, so we can pack it up and move it," said Cedar Point spokesman Robin Innes, who said Pachy spent the holidays hanging out at Castaway Bay.

Read more about Pachy and what other tourist destinations had to say about the North Coast in Sunday's Register.


Tool Box

Ha ha ha and you expect people to pay extra for that?  Ha ha ha thank you very very much for the preview, now I know for sure it is not worth the extra money.  Thank you CP for looking out for the customer.

Just Thinkin

What a foolish move, get something worth the money!!!!!


What a big joke! Where are the new rides? Plastic  dinosaurs? You are right Place Your Bet!

What ever, Cedar point going down hill fast!


think you gotta loser there with the extra costing dinosaur attraction, cedar point ....... need to go around and make sure your food vendors are makin' the products correctly and lower prices a bit. you surely make plenty of dough just off of overpriced parking fees. you've paid for that parking spot 10 fold, easy, in 1 season.


Coincidence ? New big thrills year after year under Kinzel. The year he retires he leaves Ouimet with a state fair slide and plastic dinosaurs. I think not. "Welcome to my job Matt, Here"s one snapped off in ya to remember me by. "

super fan

dont nobodys be caring abouts any dinosurs! how manys folks be tripping wit the stds on this ride yo


Gotta get that debt down slowly.  Cant put up a 30 million dollar coaster every other year or they will be filing bankruptcy.

super fan

word resssindts we gots get that antibiotics for dem soeres


Forget the dino's use the money to fix up the park. It starting to look pretty run down, how about a little maintenance work, how about fixing the lights on the ferris wheel


I agree to some extent that dinosaurs are not going to be a big draw this year, but CP leased the land to the company that is bringing them in.  Therefore, CP isn't putting as much money into this as you may think.  Maybe, just maybe, they will use profits to spruce up the park and take time this year to plan something big for the future.  I think we need to give them credit for what they do bring to this town, even if we complain about the traffic.  They are still one of the best amusement parks in the world, and we should be proud that they are part of this community.