Zoning board gives approval to tourist rentals

A Curran Street couple received the OK to keep renting out their two homes to tourists.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 21, 2012

A Curran Street couple received the OK to keep renting out their two homes to tourists.

The five members from Sandusky's zoning appeals board unanimously approved a request from Ann and John Arnold, allowing them to continue renting their properties as vacation homes.

Previously, city officials told the Arnolds -- along with five residents living on or near Cedar Point Road -- they violated Sandusky's zoning code by letting tourists into their homes for a fee.

Board members rejected an appeal from all those involved in December to reverse the decision.

Recently, however, the Arnolds asked and received a special permit to keep renting out their Curran Street home.

"We gave them a conditional use permit," board member John Feick said. "It doesn't change the zoning law, and (the Arnolds) can use the permit for rentals."

Feick's decision came from the overwhelming support nearly 20 neighbors and community residents displayed during a Thursday hearing in City Hall.

Many spoke about why the Arnolds should be allowed to rent out their homes.

For one, the couple rejuvenated a street once infested with criminals and drugs, Cove Street resident Don Mather said.

"We had a deteriorated neighborhood," Mather said. "But we got people out of town investing in our homes, and now it's just a wonderful place to live."

Another reason includes the benefits city officials reap from the Arnolds' initial investment, city resident Bob Warner said.

"I have watched hundreds of thousands of dollars in construction go down there," Warner said.

Better homes also elevate property values. Nicer-looking homes also encourage people to come to Sandusky.

"They continue to do good things for the street and the city," Warner said.

The Arnolds began renting homes on the street 24 years ago.

John's motivation for sprucing up the street came from growing up in the neighborhood and wanting to stay there.

John's just happy this months-long saga has concluded.

"People want to live and stay down here because it's a great neighborhood," John said.

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Julie R.

@ LadyC: 

 A fudiciary deed works when there is a sale of property which requires a deed in order to complete the sale. The fudiciary may have authority to sell estate property and must sign all related property, including the deed. A fudiciary deed means the party signing the deed will not be the individual or company that holds title to the property, but someone who has been court appointed to handle disposition of the owner's property and the deed must be prepared by a lawyer. (that's a red flag in itself) Absent from a fudiciary deed are the typical warranties as to title that would be included in a general warranty deed or a limited warranty deed. 

One of the comments about fudiciary deeds: 

"Run, don't walk. Stay away. It will bring nothing but grief long after you're dead and please don't let any lawyer tell you otherwise."  

Julie R.

@ LadyC: You didn't answer the question --- that is, if you know the answer. Why does John Arnold and Matthew Ruff own so many properties in Sandusky? Are they realtors? Between the two of them, they own 7 properties alone on Curran Street plus property on Billman plus a Chesapeake condo. Not that I much care but why would anybody --- even a realtor --- even WANT to own that many properties. Also, a lot of those properties were sold under a fudiciary deed and absent from fudiciary deeds are typical warranties to the title. 

Once again, I sure would be curious to know how many of the rental properties in Sandusky and elsewhere in Erie County could be sold tomorrow with a clear title if the owners wanted to sell them. I know for a FACT the Huron property that was sold at a court-ordered scam Erie County sheriff sale couldn't be.     

Julie R.

LadyC: The property in Huron wasn't a premarital asset. The 1st owner and her second husband had the house built years ago when they got married.  They owned the property for over 40 years and for 30 or more of those years they owned it scot-free and clear of a mortgage --- and there certainly was never any back taxes owing. So how does property like THAT end up getting sold at a sheriff sale at a substantial discount to a realtor to use as rental property?

Once again, the auditor's records on the Huron property sure are deceiving. The 1st owner's half wasn't transferred over to the spouse after her death. The date listed is seven months PRIOR to her death and the property was transferred under a quitclaims deed that falsely stated a power of attorney was on file in the Erie County Recorder's office. Also once again, the property wasn't joint surviorship which means the property would not have transferred over to the spouse after the 1st owner's death, anyway.  

Also take note in the auditor's records that the realtor was given a Sheriff Sale Deed.

A Sheriff Sale Deed is a document giving ownership rights in property to a buyer at a sheriff sale held by the sheriff to pay a court judgment against the owner of property in foreclosure of a mortgage.

Considering how the property sure wasn't sold through foreclosure, one might have to wonder why Sheriff Lyons gave the buyer a Sheriff Sale Deed.


Julie-John isn't a realtor, but I don't know about Matt. They reside on Curran, and a couple of John's other ones are rentals and a boathouse. A few were fixer-uppers, possibly also condemned at one time.

As for the scam sheriff sale in your family's home, could it be appealed, or re-opened?  The Erie county property records were seriously backlogged when the lady that took care of them (Clerk of Courts?) was very ill and later passed away, while holding office. The woman that took her place is supposed to be trying to organize all the records. It was in the paper a while back, maybe a few months ago. I don't know if that would have anything to do with your case, but there may be some hard copies or deed records in there that pertain to it, that haven't been properly recorded yet. Good luck if you decide to pursue anything with it.


Julie R.

@ LadyC:

What do the records in the Clerk of Courts office have to do with the idiot Erie County courts forcing property with serious defects in the title to be sold at a sheriff sale for no other reason than --- the idiots knew if the defects in the title weren't cleared up (meaning if the fraud on the 1st owner's half wasn't acknowledged and the property put back into the correct owner's probate estate) then it couldn't be sold through normal channels. Of course on the flip side of the coin, according to some well-known Norwalk attorney, the idiots in Erie County couldn't sell it at a sheriff sale, either, with serious defects in the title like that ---- but I guess that's beside the point.    

Oh by the way, I noticed on the realtor's website --- the one that bought the Huron property ---- he said he's a proud owner of property in Sandusky, Huron and Kelleys Island. Just for the fun of it, why don't you call him up and ask him if he would be interested in selling the Huron rental property he's so proud of. (chuckle-chuckle)  


Julie--I don't know, the whole thing is beyond anything I ever heard of. Someone must have known someone else and pushed the sheriff's sale through, or the records were not gone through properly for them to know better than to do that. Wow, don't know what else to say. If it is true that what comes around goes around, they may get theirs someday.

Julie R.

LadyC:  Once again, the Clerk of Court's office has nothing to do with what the Erie County Courts and snake attorneys pull off so thinking that the Clerk of Court's office filed records improperly to push a sheriff sale through is ridiculous. The only job of the Clerk of Courts when it comes to the courts is filing whatever they are given to file pertaining to the Common Pleas Courts of Roger Binette and Tygh Tone. On the other hand, they are NOT the Clerk of Courts for the Probate Court --- the Clerk of Court for that Court is the Probate Court JUDGE.   

The only ones -- and I repeat the only ones --- that pushed a sheriff sale of the Huron property through knowing the property had a defective title was the Common Pleas Court working in collusion with snake attorneys and the Probate Court and that was a SCAM from the get-go. Like a Norwalk attorney said --- they couldn't sell property with serious defects in the title like that at a sheriff sale, those defects had to be cleared up and the property had to be put back into the correct owner's probate estate so it could be sold with a clear title. 


Julie--Well, I don't have knowledge of all the inner workings of the system, but I have learned quite a bit from these bloggings. Not much else to say, but good luck if you are fighting the powers that be. May the snakes and scammers get what the deserve!

Julie R.

I have nothing more to say on this subject other than I learned a lot myself.  I learned just by checking out the Erie County auditor and recorder's online records that there sure are a lot of rental properties in Sandusky that were sold under fudiciary deeds. From my research on it, fudiciary deeds are about as shady ---- or should I say FRAUDULENT ---- as the JOKE sheriff sale deed that was given to the buyer of the Huron property.

Julie R.

About the elderly lady on Curran Street who was crucified because of all the cats she had ---- here's a recent story about another elderly woman from Cleveland, Ohio.