Tree severs Milan man's leg

A tree severed a man's leg Wednesday when he used a chain saw to chop the tree down.
Emil Whitis
Jan 12, 2012


A tree severed a man's leg Wednesday when he used a chain saw to chop the tree down.

Toby Gibson, 35, of Milan, was in guarded condition late Wednesday at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, where he was flown by helicopter shortly after the incident.

Gibson, of the full-service landscaping company Gibson's Gardens, was hired to cut down a tree behind Lisa and Mick Coles' River Road property. When the tree fell, its thick bottom end somehow pinched Gibson's leg and severed it below the knee, sheriff's deputies said.

A hospital spokeswoman said guarded condition means a patient is better than critical, but less than stable.

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much calmer than i would have been ....... i don't think i would be able to talk, cause i woulda passed out!


what a shame he is a hard worker least he should be able to walk again with todays technology.

Kottage Kat

Praying for Toby and family.  A friend of mine worked for Toby and he is also very saddened by the news.          kat


Accidents can happen even to those who are trained and experienced. I wish Mr. Gibson a speedy recovery, and a successful rehabilitation.


Thank God that this man was alert and capable of calling 911. May he have a speedy recovery.


Sue the Coles,  get a Murray attorney,  The Coles have $$$.   Best wishes to Toby

Browndog271 says

Sue the Coles,  get a Murray attorney,  The Coles have $$$.   Best wishes to Toby

You must be trying out your sarcasm today! 

Really??? Sue the Coles???





Lynn,  Its the American way,  read the papers


 I need a tissue. Positive thoughts going his way..


Stay strong Mr. Gibson. Wish you a speedy recovery.


I have done business with Gibson Gardens.  They are a typical service industry business trying to make a living from hard work performance to obtain PROFIT.  Ooo, those EVIL capitalists!  They have always completed the work contracted.  It is ironic that Toby became so severely injured doing the very thing he is a professional and good at doing.  This is terrible news and a terrible accident.  There is NO one to BLAME!  I pray he will be able to recover.       


@ Taxpayer: I have done business with Gibson Gardens. They are a typical service industry business trying to make a living from hard work performance to obtain PROFIT. Ooo, those EVIL capitalists!  

You are sofa king we Todd Ed.


 I understand that it the papers choice to publish this call.  However.... maybe think of bleeping out cell phone numbers.  Business or not, you just put his phone number out to the public.    

Get well Toby!  You are a wonderful person, husband & father...  This is only a challenge and will make you a stronger person.


Yes, the paper should have blocked out the mans cell phone number!


such a tragic accident. this hits home to everyone on river road. We live not far from where this accident took place.  I hope the best to Toby and his family


I had a similar accident and I feel for Toby and family. It will be a long road ahead and very difficult on everyday life. But, keep the faith and to the rest of the Family, give him support all you can. God Bless and stay strong !!!


My wife and I know Toby well as we have purchased several plants and trees from him. He IS a good, honest and gentle man.

Our best wishes and deepest prayers are with Toby and his family.

I would suggest to the readership of the Sandusky Register make a small donation to the family and help them get through this in any way they can. Toby will need help maintaining the business end of their lives. 



There has been a fund estalished at the Key Bank in the name of "Toby Gibson and Family".

Much more information can be gotten at Toby's Facebook page(s).

Many are already stepping up for this wonderful family.

Let us all do the right thing for this good soul of a man they call Toby.


it could happen...

This is Toby's wife.  PLEASE respect our privacy.  I am keeping friends and family up to date as well as I can, but we also have two small children at home that need to find things out before the rest of the world.  This is not the only crisis our family is going through at this time and our family is bouncing between two hospitals in Cleveland as two young men are in our family are in critical condition.   We appreciate each and every prayer, but having too many people calling the hospital makes it harder on us to stay updated ourselves.   


Wishes more respect for this family was shown when this story was published. It is a shame when the world knows more than his immediate family....what a horrible way to find out such a tragic event. I will never understand why 911 calls are put up to be heard by the public. Show more respect in the future!


My thoughts and prayers go out to Toby, his wife and the kids, i hope and pray all will be ok with you. please if you can keep an update.