Ice cream for a good cause

PORT CLINTON Two Texas men plan to use a Port Clinton ice cream shop to further their goal of helpin
May 24, 2010



Two Texas men plan to use a Port Clinton ice cream shop to further their goal of helping young people.

Andy White, 45, and Robin Haward, 21, both of Fredericksburg, Texas, are writing a 500-word essay to win Brown's Dairy Plaza and a $150,000 home in Port Clinton.

"My interest in doing this is not impulsive or spur of the moment," White said. "It's sort of an extension of something I've been working on."

White owns a coffee shop in Fredericksburg, which he started three years ago. White uses the coffee shop to provide training and long- and short-term employment to young people, teaching them skills for living.

Haward started his own business, Robin's Remodeling, when he was 18. Haward also uses his business to educate young people and give them a chance to learn valuable skills.

"I think it would be great. I've been looking for many ways to get out and share what we've been working with and doing with people," Haward said. "I'd be willing to move up there and take a look and see how things went."

The $250 entry fee has not dissuaded Haward from sending the essay.

"It's worth it. I would even put $1,000 into it just for the opportunity to do something like that and use that to really help people out in different ways," Haward said.

Brenda BouSliman, owner of Brown's Dairy Plaza, hopes to use the money from the contest to fund a community theater and local schools.

The contest requires a minimum of 3,000 entries and allows for a maximum of 3,750 entries.

If the contest goes forward with the response she expects, Bou Sliman would make between $750,000 and $937,500.

Since the contest started June 10, BouSliman has received 20 essays.

"I'm amazed at the response. I didn't expect any entrants at all this early. I thought it would take a month," BouSliman said. "They're really nicely well-written. I'm pleasantly pleased."

The Web site,, has received about 66,000 hits since the contest began, Bou Sliman said.

Sliman has gotten more than 100 e-mails from people all over the country and even as far as South Africa, Norway and New Zealand.

"I just hope they all come in English," BouSliman said.

"It's kind of a big vision," White said. "I just figure we'll give it a shot because it will give us a perfect setup to do it through the dairy shop."

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