HILDEBRANDT: Keep your house in order

By MARIE HILDEBRANDT, Register columnist It should be embarrassing to have your name tied to housing that has been condemned
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


By MARIE HILDEBRANDT, Register columnist

It should be embarrassing to have your name tied to housing that has been condemned by the city of Sandusky. Recently the Register printed a list of condemned buildings, both commercial and residential.

To be officially condemned by the city of Sandusky, a house or building has to be in pretty rough shape. We're not talking "fixer-upper" here; these properties often lack public utilities; some have collapsing foundations; others structurally would cost more to repair than the property is worth. Many are fire traps. Most look the part, too. And it's disgusting to have to live near any of them.

Bottom line, condemned property is a serious blight on our community.

There are numerous reasons why a building becomes uninhabitable. In some cases the owner has died and has left no will, or the home is owned by an individual who can't afford to fix it up, or it could be rental housing that tenants have destroyed. In some cases its simple neglect.

Some owners make an effort to fix up the property; others just walk away from it, and in some cases once the owner dies there is no one to claim ownership.

Ultimately, after a long bureaucratic process, the City will raze the property.

Substandard housing is one of the more difficult battles for government to fight. Sweeping, overnight changes are impossible and a lot of time and effort goes into attempting to correct the problems. It is a process that goes on daily and has been going on for decades.

Periodic recognition of the effort city building officials put into cleaning up neighborhoods is a good thing. Without them things would get out of hand.

It is always good to know your neighbors, or to at least who owns your neighbor's house - especially if it is a condemned building. It helps put public pressure on the owner.

A cross-reference of the city list with information available from the Erie County's Auditor's office Web site shows the following owners of condemned property in Sandusky:

-- 516 Bardshar Road, Dell and Geraldine Milner, 1818 W. Adams St.

-- 620 Reese St., Home Sales, Inc, in care of Paul Borsick, 620 Reese St.

-- 635 W. Adams St., Anita McCarty, Columbus

-- 509 Camp St., Cecil Tennon, in care of Kevin Tennon, Centerville

-- 1706 Cleveland Road, Izik Cohen, Wisconsin Dells, Wis.

-- 2123 Forest Drive, Leora Land, 2707 Campbell St.

-- 829 Fulton St., David and Melissa Baldoza, Grafton

-- 727 Hancock St., Georgie Siddell, same address

-- 1808 Harrison St., Demar and Deondre Moore, 197 Shelby St.

-- 1810 Harrison St., Pink and Mary Irby, in care of Irene Terrell, Sandusky

-- 314 High St., Eddie Adkins, 1415 Pearl St., Sandusky

-- 124 Homestead, Loretta Wright, 1916 Camp St., Sandusky

-- 144 Huntington Place, Devon and Alicia Cotton, same address

-- 1213 Huntington Ave., Robert and Fredia Byrdsong, same address

-- 616 Jay St. (garage only), Rhonda Mae Pocock, same address

-- 1716 McDonough St., Marvin Cunningham, 1418 Buchanan St., Sandusky

-- 113 Neil St., Gundlach Sheet Metal, Sandusky

-- 127 Neil St., Precious Garrett, in care of Dannie Edmon, Sandusky

-- 924 Ogontz St., Diane Roepke Riedel, 2726 Boos Road, Huron

-- 2106-08 Parkview Blvd., Roger Camm, 6207 Bogart Road W., Castalia

-- 611 Perry St., Agnes Leslie, same address

-- 2026 Shelby St., Wiley McCarty, 1815 Buchanan St., Sandusky

-- 937 W. Washington St., Joseph Wright, 8017 S. Hayes Ave., Sandusky

-- 801 Wayne St. (garage only), Kevon and Christine Aldridge, etal, 210 Sandusky Ave., Huron

-- 1217 Ransom St., Artis Williams, Jr., same address

-- 1618 W. Adams St., Onalene Houser, 3701 Hull Road., Huron

-- 2111-2117 Parkview Blvd., Jose Rodriquez, 2502 Campbell St., Sandusky

-- 1204 Hayes Ave., Minnie Matthews in care of Bennie Matthews, 220 Doerzbach Ave.

-- 711 Decatur St., Paul Shumaker, 1240 E. Ninth St., Cleveland

With ownership comes responsibility. Some people just don't get that.



Now wait a minute.  Isn't this the SAME Marie Hildebrandt that was a trustee at Perkins Township and allowed Tim McClung to do anything he wanted??  "Oh, she supported McClung in everything he did, but she is not culpable to anything because she was only a politician."  Typical liberal dribble and one of the three LEADERS of Perkins Township government?  I really like her quote, "With ownership come responsibility.  Some people just don't get that."  I am sure she is an expert at that!