Perkins: No levy planned for August

PERKINS TWP. Perkins voters have a reprieve -- at least for a few months. The school
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Perkins voters have a reprieve -- at least for a few months.

The school board has decided against putting a levy on the August ballot.

But board members said a November levy will probably be necessary.

The district revised its February five-year forecast, and after getting official numbers from the auditor, found its revenue for fiscal year 2007 increased by more $400,000.

"The five-year forecast is much improved than what we were building our levy discussion around," said Steven Schuster, board vice president, at a meeting Monday.

"It buys us some time before we have to do that. My inclination is not going on in August."

Board president Brian Printy and member Ellen Waterfield agreed. But a November levy will be needed, they said.

"This does not mean we're out of trouble, just that the urgency of an August levy is not there," Printy said.

Terry Chapman wants to be cautious.

"Any hiccup in that at all, we're not looking at coming back and passing a levy, we're looking at coming back and passing an emergency levy," Chapman said. "If we don't do this in August or November, we're going to be sitting back here talking about cuts."

The majority of the unanticipated money came from paid back taxes and tuition costs for students from outside the district.

The current forecast also factored in the arbitration numbers and results.

Last week, Perkins Schools teachers and administrators officially put the August strike behind them.

The decisions on wage and health insurance were made for the district by a third party arbitrator.

The teachers will get 2 percent raise for the 2006-07 and 2007-08 school years. A wage freeze will be accepted for the previous contract year.

The teachers are required to pay 6 percent of their overall medical insurance premiums with monthly payments capped at $35 for single plan members and $65 for family plan members.