Spring graduation planned at BGSU

BOWLING GREEN Spring graduation ceremonies at Bowling Green State University will be Friday and Satu
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Spring graduation ceremonies at Bowling Green State University will be Friday and Saturday at Anderson Arena in Memorial Hall.

The graduating class of more than 2,000 students represents 72 Ohio counties, 38 states and 19 nations.

Ceremonies for the Graduate College will be at 7 p.m. Friday. Graduating at that time will be 12 candidates for doctoral degrees and 282 candidates for master's degrees. The speaker will be 2000 BGSU graduate Judson Laipply of Cleveland, a motivational speaker who gained fame last year for his Internet video "The Evolution of Dance."

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences will graduate at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, when the speaker will be Thomas Orchard, a Lima native who now lives in Westerville, Ohio. Orchard is senior vice president of investments and senior portfolio manager for UBS Wealth Management, a division of UBS AG.

Students graduating at 1 p.m. Saturday in the College of Musical Arts and the College of Education and Human Development will hear an address by Chicagoan Henry Fogel, president and CEO of the American Symphony Orchestra League.

Speaking at the 4 p.m. commencement for students in the colleges of Technology, Business Administration, and Health and Human Services will be degree candidates Janna Carpenter of Bowling Green, Chanel Griffith of Jamaica, N.Y., and Matt Lefeld of Coldwater, Ohio.

On the undergraduate level, 111 bachelor's degree students are expected to graduate summa cum laude, a recognition given to those who maintain a grade point average between 3.9-4.0 on a 4.0 scale. Magna cum laude honors will be given to 143 students for maintaining averages between 3.76-3.9, and 259 students will receive cum laude recognition for maintaining grade point averages between 3.5-3.75. Students with transfer work have additional requirements in order to be eligible for honors.

Six students earning associate degrees will graduate with distinction, and two students will graduate with high distinction for academic achievement during 7:30 p.m. commencement exercises Friday at BGSU Firelands. The speaker will be syndicated Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Connie Schultz, who won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for commentary.

Gradates candidates are:

Sandusky: Michael Baker, BLS; Timothy D. Baker, Assoc. of Art; Michael Baker, Assoc. of Sci; Adam L. Balduff, cum laude BS in Educ; Melanie R. Beatty, Assoc of Sci; Ashley N. Beddow, Bachelor AHS; Dana M. Belak, BS in Educ; Tami Jean Bennett, AAS in ECE; Elizabeth A. Birli, BS Crim Jus; Kathi Lurene Boggs, Assoc of Art; Jerry R. Claus, BS in Educ; Georgina J. Cook, BSN; Margaret Jean Corder, BAC; Joshua L. Czech, Assoc of Sci; Kelly R. Dalton, summa cum laude BA; Kristina M. Dreschel, BSBA; Tracy L. Eck, BSBA; Jennifer E. Eckert, BS in Educ; Phillip J. Frost, BS Crim Jus; Cody L. Graffice, BAC; Dianna L. Hearn, Assoc of Sci; Laura A. Holloway, magna cum laude BS in Educ; Lori A. Jesberger, BSN; Jerome Demetrius Johnson, Assoc of Art; Amanda Lynn Jones, BS; Mary E. Wade-Jones, summa cum laude AAS in Hum S; Kelly L. Jordan, BS in Educ; Scott A. Jones Jr, BS in Educ; Patricia Sue Keller, MPA; Ryan W. Keller, BSTech (Tec); Krystal A. LaMarca, BSBA; Holly Mary LaMarca, BS in Educ; Jennifer R. Lawrence, BS in Educ; Jessica A. Lawrence, BS in Educ; Deanna Caroline Leavell, Assoc of Art; Calista Lorena Anne Locke, Assoc of Sci; Abigail Rae Meinzer, BS in Educ; Zachary Scott Aloysius Miller, BS in Educ ;Sophonia L. Miller, AAS in CRJU; Tanesha R. Murray, Assoc of Sci; Holly Ann Myers, BSN; Rebecca A. Myers, cum laude BS in Educ; Justin L. Robron, BS C&Fam(Ed); Bryce Ashley Roth, BA; Beth A. Runner, BSN; Elizabeth Marie Sartor, BSN; Chad C. Schoch, BSBA; Jesse T. Schwanger, BSN; Jacob D. Smith, Assoc of Art; Amanda Stacey, BSBA; Crystal L. Weaver, BFA; Jennifer L. Weichel, magna cum laude BS in Educ; Jonathan Matthew Yaratch, BS in AM&PD.

Castalia: Courtney M. Ciesinski, magna cum laude BA; Nicole A. Edwards, BS in Educ; Brandi Marie Goodwin, MEd; Lisa Hippler, BSN; Kathleen A. Hupp, AAS in Hum S; Amanda M. Lizzi, MEd; Amanda L. McPeek, BSN; Michelle M. Nejedly, BLS; Bradley James Rasnick, Assoc of Art; Kristie Lynn Burns Yeckley, BSBA.

Huron: Jenna M. Beverick, Assoc of Sci; Sara C. DePasquale, BS Journ; Jared R. Deville, BS; Edward Enderle, Assoc Tech S; Alexis M. Faust, Bachelor AHS; Stephen Michael Fisher, BLS; Megan Leigh Foss, cum laude BS in Educ; Amy C. Gioffre, BS in Educ; Vicki B. Hillis, BLS; Thomas R. Hinkelman, BS Crim Jus; Richard C. Gundlach II, BS in Educ; Themis Jacobus, MA; Rachael L. Johnston, Bachelor AHS; Jaclyn M. Krumlauf, BS in Educ; LaShelle R. Leal, Assoc of Sci; Michael J. McMahon, BLS; Jason Michael Planthaber, Assoc of Art; Shannon Lee Rasnick, BS in Educ; Julianne Jane Roberts, BS in Educ; Christopher M. Simmons, BSTech (Tec); Adam Angelo Steinmetz, BS in Educ; Anthony Brandon Stone, Assoc of Sci; Meghan E. Thaxton, BS in Educ; Allen C. Tittle, cum laude BA; Jonathan S. Van der Waarden, BA; Kathryn V. Wells, BS in Educ.

Milan:Lisa A. Benedetti, BLS; Susan M. Brouse, MS; Jacob T. Chartrant, BLS; Cameron K. Hill, BSTech (Tec); Laura M. Hoffman, Assoc of Sci; Todd M. Koch, BS; Stephanee N. Smith, BS in Educ; Lorrie A. Dragon, Assoc of Art; Julia L. Fowler, Assoc of Art; Cameron K. Hill, BSTech (Tec); Jamie L. Natole, AAB iN VMT; Ty J. Reer, AAB in BMT; Abbey A. Stang, BS in Educ.

Bellevue: Erica Elaine Allen, cum laude BS in Educ; Bonita J. Ball, AAB in BMT; Christine Nicole Belfiore, Bach of Musi; Christine Nicole Belfiore, Bach of Musi; Lindsay E. Gadberry, cum laude BFA; Lori E. Gadberry, BS in Educ; Sarah Jane Matter, BS in Educ; Wesley J. Missler, AAS in IT; Linda A. Newkirk, BSN; Amanda N. Tackett, cum laude BS in Educ.

Norwalk: Amanda Lynn Altomare, AAB in BMT; Kenneth R. Bailey, BLS; William Cleve Bennett, BLS; Kimberly A. Codeluppi, AAS in ECE; Anthony Robert Coletta, Assoc Tech S; Rebecca Lynn Dills, AAS in Hum S; Kaley M. Drake, Assoc of Sci; Ashley Marie Ensign, AAS in CRJU; Matthew Griffith, BFA; Kendra Reneigh Hursh, BS in Educ; Rebecca L. Kopfstein, BS in Educ; Mary C. Linder, BA; Bethany A. Lodermeier, BS Comm Dis; Amanda Lynn Meisler, Assoc of Art; Desiree L. Nelson, Assoc of Sci; Andrea M. Overmyer, BSTech (Tec); Felicia Pedoli, AAS in Hum S; Catherine A. Pheifer, BSN; Fredda Ann Pippin, AAS in ECE; Jennifer Lynn Reiman, Assoc of Sci; Tiffany J. Ross, AAS in ECE; Michelle Denese Ryan, BSTech (Tec); Joyce Ann Seitz, MS; Patricia Emily Smith, BLS; Joshua J. Snyder, BSTech (Tec); Gena M. Staley, cum laude BS in Educ; Stephen Walter Steiniger, MPA; Kimberly Ann Stoll, BS in Educ; Scott M. Stoner, BLS; Jonathan S. Van der Waarden, BA; Rachel R. Wilson, BFA.

Monroeville: Lorrie A. Dragon, Assoc of Art 303 Monroe St.; Julia L. Fowler, Assoc of Art; Cameron K., BSTech (Tec); Jamie L. Natole, AAB iN VMT; Ty J. Reer, AAB in BMT; Abbey A. Stang, BS in Educ; Kate E. Worcester, cum laude BS in Educ.

Willard: Meagan Lee Poffenbaugh, BFA; Michael R. Robles, BLS.

Marblehead: Tony D. Capodice, Assoc of Sci; Amanda Zwerman Faretta, Assoc of Sci; Stormi L. Johnson, cum laude BS in Educ.

Lakeside-Marblehead: Lee M. Fletcher, BA; Joel F. Lorenz, cum laude BS in Educ; Nathanial A. Wiedenhoft, BS in Educ.

Port Clinton: Jennifer M. Adkins, Assoc of Sci; Heather Marie DiBucci, AAS in ECE; Erin E. Duff, BS Inter Des; Patrick Francis Edwards, BSTech (Tec); Rhanda L. Fillmore, BS C&Fam(Ed); Cole David Hatfield, BSBA; Kimberly B. Kaseman, Assoc of Sci; Laurence Nia de Leon, Assoc of Sci; Kylie R. Marquez, cum laude BA; Jason T. Pratt, cum laude, BS in Educ; Meagan Joanne Rohde, BS in Educ; Christie Diane Slauterbeck, BS in Educ; Nathanial A. Wiedenhoft, BS in Educ; Ryan Marvin Bogner, BS in Educ;

Fremont: Jaclyn Ann Adkins, cum laude BS in Educ; Krista L. Atkinson, BS Comm Dis; Colin Robert Bennett, BLS; Ashley A. Bowman, BSN; Kaleena Jolene Crispen, BS in Educ; Paul D. Eckert, Bach of Musi; Teresa L. Ferguson, BSBA; Carrie L. Jenkins, cum laude BS Comm Dis; Jera Danielle Johnson; BS in Educ; Joseph L. Kaiser, BS in Educ; Benjamin J. Miller, BA; Season R. Miller, BS; Brittany Maureen O'Connor, BS in Educ; Allison Christine Opelt, BS in Educ; Kristin K. Osborne, BS in Educ; Ross A. Reineck, BSN; Robert J. Ritzman, BSTech (Tec); Marissa B. Rodriguez, BS in Educ; Tory M. Sloma, BS HDFS; Lacy S. Spurgeon, BS in Educ.

(Degree Categories; AAB in BMT--Associate of Applied Business in Business Management Technology; AAB in CST--Associate of Applied Business in Computer Science Technology; AAB in VMT--Associate of Applied Business in Visual Media Technology; AAS in Crim Jus--Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice; AAS in E-EET--Associate of Applied Science in Electrical-Electronic Engineering Technology; AAS in ECE--Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education; AAS in HIT-Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Technology; AAS in Hum S--Associate of Applied Science in Human Services; AAS in RCT--Associate of Applied Science in Respiratory Care Technology; AAS in WCM--Associate of Applied Science in World Class Manufacturing; Assoc of Art--Associate of Arts; Assoc of Sci--Associate of Science; Assoc Tech S--Associate of Technical Study; ATS in MST--Associate of Technical Study in Measurement Systems Technology; Bachelor AHS--Bachelor of Applied Health Science; BA--Bachelor of Arts; BAC--Bachelor of Arts in Communication; BFA--Bachelor of Fine Arts; BLS--Bachelor of Liberal Studies; Bach of Musi--Bachelor of Music; BS--Bachelor of Science; BS in AM&PD--Bachelor of Science in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development; BSBA--Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; BS C&Fam(Ed)--Bachelor of Science in Child & Family Community Services; BS Comm Dis--Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders; BS Crim Jus--Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice; BS Dietetics--Bachelor of Science in Dietetics; BS in Econ--Bachelor of Science in Economics; BS in Educ--Bachelor of Science in Education; BS EnvHealth--Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health; BS Gerontolo--Bachelor of Science in Gerontology; BS HDFS--Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies; BS Inter Des--Bachelor of Science in Interior Design; BS Journ--Bachelor of Science in Journalism; BS Med Tech--Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology; BSN--Bachelor of Science in Nursing; BS in NS--Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Sciences; BS Soc Work--Bachelor of Science in Social Work; BS in Tech--Bachelor of Science in Technology; MAc--Master of Accountancy; MA--Master of Arts; MAT--Master of Arts in Teaching; MBA--Master of Business Administration; MEd--Master of Education; MFCS--Master of Family and Consumer Sciences; MFA--Master of Fine Arts; MIT--Master of Industrial Technology; MM--Master of Music; MOD--Master of Organization Development; MPA--Master of Public Administration; MPH--Master of Public Health; MRC--Master of Rehabilitation Counseling; MS--Master of Science; MS CRJU--Master of Science in Criminal Justice; SEd--Specialist in Education; EdD--Doctor of Education; PhD--Doctor of Philosophy)