Couple decorate with both tastes in mind

SANDUSKY Decorating a house can be a battle of the sexes. Yet Todd Gilbert and Molly
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Decorating a house can be a battle of the sexes.

Yet Todd Gilbert and Molly Brahler have come to a resolution that leaves both of their tastes intact.

Gilbert and Brahler, who are engaged and plan to marry in December, live in the top half of the duplex at 607 E. Monroe St.

Gilbert has been renovating and redecorating the 3,000-square-foot- duplex since he bought it in 1999. When Brahler moved in with Gilbert after dating for three years, their particular tastes in decorating came to the forefront.

Gilbert favors black and white colors and likes more contemporary materials, while Brahler prefers lots of color and is more interested in rustic and antique decorating.

"At first, it was difficult. We didn't know how to make it work," Brahler said. "Somehow it blends together."

Brahler and Gilbert disagreed mostly on the decoration of the master bedroom, the "Beach Room."

"This was our toughest room. He was really holding out," Brahler said.

Gilbert wanted to hold onto a fiberglass replica of a sailfish, which he insisted on keeping in the bedroom.

"I put enough money into the fish. I couldn't part with it," Gilbert said.

They agreed the oversized fish now hangs in an upper corner of the room where it blends with the rest of the beach-themed decorations.

After a lot of trial and error, they were able to blend their tastes the best in the living room.

"It's my favorite room," Brahler said. "It's a little retro."

The contemporary halogen lights brighten up antique armoires, and the black leather couches seem to complement the splash of color on the walls.

Gilbert describes his "guy's hangout" as the "Great Room" where along one wall visitors will see the words, "It's all good!"

"That was a saying of mine for a long time," Gilbert said.

Sports memorabilia and pictures decorate another wall opposite the pool table in the middle of the room. The room also features a marble-topped bar.

"I actually like it," Brahler said. "It works. It's fun and different."

Even though they are on the second floor, Brahler and Gilbert enjoy the comforts of a second story "yard."

"It's a nice private deck, kind of like a yard" Gilbert said.

"It's our own private oasis," Brahler added.

Brahler and Gilbert enjoy a passion for decorating and "rehabbing" old houses and duplexes.

"I think we both really enjoy it," Brahler said. "Once you're done, you're so proud of it."

With over eight years of remodeling and decorating, the couple's duplex is not quite finished.

"There's always little things we want to change," Brahler said. "You're never done."