Where's our George?

Our Senator 's Web site reads like this. Apparently George does not pay much attention to it, nor to seniors. "G
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Our Senator 's Web site reads like this. Apparently George does not pay much attention to it, nor to seniors.

"Great strides were made for Ohio's seniors when I was governor, and I am committed to working even harder in the U.S. Senate to make seniors' lives better. I am honored that you have entrusted me with the responsibility to shape legislation that will not only affect you and me, but tomorrow's seniors as well. Please feel free to contact me about these or any other subjects that may concern you.

P.S. I remind people that Senator DeWine is the senior senator from Ohio, but I am the senior citizen senator from Ohio!"

As you can see, the senior citizen senator from Ohio pays scant attention to his Web site. Try writing him. He will tell you where the Social Security Office is -- like that was a 411 revelation! His site demands many things before he will accept e-mail, and non-Ohio citizens need not write nor inquire, despite his Senate Committee assignments..

Too busy joking with former Sen. DeWine, I guess. The pull-down menu (required) is insulting, requiring honorific titles (perhaps that explains why I never received a reply!) The list of subject matter is revealing, also. Do not look for the subject "Ethics" --the Hon. Senator ( I must use HIS honorific,sadly) does not think that a subject of concern. But, in fairness, what Republican does, lately?

Sen. Voinovich recently wrote many newspapers saying what a great Medicare bill he championed. Try the eligibilty math in your own case. Doesn't work, does it? The "hole" in coverage also remains. No negotiations for lowering drug prices permitted. Does the Hon. Mr. Voinovich list his campaign contributions from the drug industry and related PACs? Thank goodness his office helps people by giving them the address of Social Security!

Mr. Voinovich has done nothing for Ohio. Wait, one, he promotes and rubber-stamps every action the President suggests in governmental affairs, and in Iraq. He is well chosen to be the senior citizen senator from Ohio, with all his senior moments -- which he really should share with Senator Brown, instead of DeWine.

David Corriveau