Letters to the editor 12-24-06

Dangerous lawn People should stop using lawn care products on their lawns and become more nature conservative, because pestic
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Dangerous lawn

People should stop using lawn care products on their lawns and become more nature conservative, because pesticides in lawn care products are more than extremely dangerous; they are deadly to humans and other living things. Chemicals found in lawn care products are causing more harm than good. Even walking on your treated lawn barefoot can cause health hazards.

I think people should know what these chemicals can do to humans and their pets, as well as other animals. Chemicals in lawn care can cause a lot of health issues in your community. Pesticides can kill many organisms. Humans are at risk to getting diseases, such as cancer, that can be fatal. Lawn care pesticides are just as harmful to people if not more hazardous than second-hand smoke. Pesticides can be inadvertently spread to new places during the applications process. Our lake is constantly being polluted from these chemicals, through run off.

If people stop using these pesticides, communities, families and parks will all be a lot safer for our health. Our lakes will become a healthier place for us to swim and fish to live and breathe.

Rachel Wallace


Stick with the Lord

The Register columnist Rufus Sanders, has elected to speak politically rather than share his knowledge of the Lord.

He suggests that the answer is the new reality among intellectuals. This reality allows groups who differ, to take complete control and responsibility, and rule their own affairs like freeing Saddam Hussein and putting him back in power. His conclusion is why doesn't the Bush Administration see this reality? Baghdad is the most dangerous place in the world and America can't win. My inner voice tells me that no political solution is available regarding the answer to terrorism or the Iraq quagmire.

No one can explain how the Berlin Wall came down so rapidly. I believe John Paul II's faithful and prayful involvement, along with President Reagan's demand to tear down this wall, stirred our Merciful God.

Our only answer is to recognize god, our Creator, and remove abortion from being legally acknowledged and acceptable in this God-fearing nation. Watch for the mysterious and unexplainable peace and reconciliation to take place.

The womb, Rev. Sanders, is the most dangerous place in the world. Why don't you see this reality?

Jack P. Colvin


Fix pets, fix problem

I am a student at Berlin-Milan Middle School. I strongly believe that all pets should be spayed and neutered, other than licensed breeders. I was very disappointed when I went to pick up my dog at our local shelter after she had ran away last year. When I had been told to do this project I saw an opportunity to speak up.

I think it's horrible to let 11 million pets roam the streets to breed and die each year. Experts say that six to eight millions dogs die each year that could have made wonderful pets if given the chance. The fact is that 109 million U.S. families already have pets and people keep breeding their pets so that the only homes left get easily filled and most puppies don't have a chance at a good home.

If people would spay or neuter their pets then the overpopulation problem would decrease. After all, one of the estimated 56 million dogs in the U.S. can produce 24 puppies in one year. By spaying and neutering our pets we can effectively and humanely end the overpopulation problem. If your pet is not fixed, talk to your local vet about the positive effects of this procedure and get some prices from veterinarian's offices near you.

Michelle Johnston


Don't lose this one

The plans to develop the waterfront in the "Marina" area sound really good! Let's urge our city commissioners to vote for it.

Perhaps one of our historic schools, no longer in use, could have its interior remodeled to serve as the new location of the City Building or how about the Keller Building?

The group opposing this development includes some of those who opposed putting the Parkview Project at Battery Park. Now that project is in Perkins Township. Let's not make that mistake again.

Ellie Damm