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Skyhawk rises again

Melissa Topey • Aug 2, 2014 at 9:02 AM


Cedar Point has started rides again on the operational arm of Skyhawk while waiting for repairs to the arm in which a cable disconnected and swung loose Saturday evening.

“Cedar Point reopened Skyhawk this afternoon (Friday, Aug. 1) after its maintenance and safety experts made all necessary changes and completed a full review of the ride. Park officials worked closely with the ride's manufacturer (S & S Worldwide) and licensed inspectors from the Amusement Ride Safety Division of the Ohio Department of Agriculture who assisted in thoroughly inspecting and testing the ride prior to its re-opening,” said Bryan Edwards, spokesman for Cedar Point.

The amusement park operator is still in the midst of repairing the cable.

“We are waiting on parts to complete the necessary changes to one of the ride's swings. Those changes do not impact the ability for the other swing on the ride to operate safely,” Edwards said.

It is unknown when the ride may be fully operational.

The ride is described by Cedar Point as “the worlds tallest swing ride at 125 feet. Two giant arms, each holding 20 riders, swing in a 60 mph scissor motion.”

A cable snapped on Cedar Point's Skyhawk ride about 10 p.m. Saturday, injuring at least two park guests. One of the injured was transported to Firelands Regional Medical Center where they were treated and released. The other was treated in the park. The ride was immediately shut down.

A nearby gift shop employee told the Register Saturday night he heard a series of loud noises, like bangs, and then the ride jolted to a stop while one of the arms swung until gravity stopped it.

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