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Crosland battles her 'old self' ... and wins

Brandi Barhite • Jul 29, 2014 at 1:40 PM

FIT Challenge Trina Crosland lost 92 pounds in six months, shattering three records in the process of making a dent into her health and fitness journey.

First, the 38-year-old Sandusky resident is the first female FIT Challenge to win since the inception of the challenge in 2009.

Second, she has lost the most weight ever in the six-month challenge, beating Brian Feltner who had lost 84 pounds.

Third, Crosland also lost the most weight ever in the FIT Challenge, even when compared to the contestants who competed when the challenge used to be one year long. Jacob Mohr lost 90 pounds in one year.

“This was all about me getting healthy. I didn’t care about any of the results, except me getting healthy,” Crosland said Saturday. “It was me fighting myself. In a competition sense, everybody wants to win; I get that, but for me I was battling my old self.”

The outgoing FIT Challenge members met Saturday to say goodbye celebrate Crosland’s accomplishment. FIT contestant Scott Webb could not come.

Crosland wins a full-year membership at her sponsor gym Health & Strength, courtesy of the Sandusky gym. She also received a gift card from Sandusky’s Elder Beerman to help start the long process of rebuilding her wardrobe.

She credits her trainer, Ryan Rose, for transforming her life.

“I told Ryan on Day 1 that I heard he was intense and I needed him to be equally intense with my determination to get healthy,” she said. “He made sure I was in the gym five or six days per week.”

Since Crosland does not drive, the Cedar Fair employee walked to her gym, even during the snow and subzero temperatures.

“He was willing to help me as long as I was willing to get there and put the work in,” she said. “We very much front-loaded our workouts to be very intense at the begging so I could do it on my own at the end.”

While she isn’t sure she will need to go to the gym so often, she plans to stick with her radically changed diet. Rose taught her that a solid nutritional base is paramount.

“Trina has put the hours and hard work into getting her life back on track,” Rose said. “Emotionally and physically she is a whole new person. Stepping into the gym the first day she was a shy quiet lady who didn't think it was possible to achieve her goals.”

By the end of January, Crosland would like to be down an additional 65 pounds. Her ideal weight is 135, which she thinks might be attainable with the help of skin removal surgery.

“There were some tough days, keeping with it at the beginning and sticking with the diet,” she said. “I wanted to become a healthy person and I had to learn to let go of all the negative things.”

In the process, Crosland met a new friend, Edie Walton, who came in second. This is a huge feat because Walton had less than 50 pounds to lose and did not drop as rapidly as Crosland at the start of the challenge.

 “There have been so many charges, it is hard to put into words,” she said.

Walton lost 35 pounds, putting her at 149 pounds where she plans to stay. She lost 19 percent of her body weight.

“The kids like it because I do things with them now. I used to just watch before. Plus, I am just happier, which makes everyone happier.”

Walton worked at the Norwalk Rec with Hannah Riley who taught her that you don’t need a gym to workout. The two of them took their workouts to the playground and the beach. She also

“Throughout the whole thing, I ate what I wanted. I haven’t gotten rid of any foods.  It is all about moderation. I don’t eat ice cream every day.”

FIT Challenger Jen Gardin finished fourth, but she is not disappointed. She lost 12 of the 50 pounds she wanted to drop.

“I have so much more energy. Even though I didn’t get anywhere near my goal, I am so happy for what I have lost.”

Tim Rotsinger lost 8 pounds, which helped lower his blood pressure and sugar.  He did the FIT Challenge for his family.

 “I want them to be healthy. I want them to eat the right foods. It is important for everybody. I never gave up. I was in the gym religiously,” he said. “You have to be selfish. To the heck with everything else. It is about you. If you aren’t there for them, nothing else matters.”

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