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Heroin habit drove him to crime

Alex Green • Jun 12, 2014 at 8:30 AM


Alex Fletcher provided haunting insight into the world of a heroin addict Wednesday in Ottawa County Common Pleas Court.

Fletcher, 24, of the 1000 block E. Lockwood Road in Port Clinton, pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery and complicity to disrupt public service Wednesday.

His guilty plea stemmed from robbing a Mickey Mart on Perry Street with a baseball bat as police responded to a call that someone was taking explosives to Port Clinton High School.

The incident happened in April when Fletcher stole two cartons of cigarettes and more than $500 from the convenience store.

He recounted the experience in court Wednesday, according to court records.

"I was on heroin, getting high the day before," Fletcher said.

He said he was up all night and out with friends who said they wanted to rob a gas station, records stated.

Fletcher said he was not on board with this plan and asked his friends about the police possibly showing up to the robbery.

He said he thought he talked his way out of committing a crime, but hours later his friends called him and again encouraged him to rob a store.

"They told me I didn't have to worry about the cops," Fletcher said, according to court records.

In the meantime, they called in a bomb threat to the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office saying a bomb would be brought to Port Clinton High School, he said.

Fletcher said he did not know at the time how police had their hands tied, and he went into the store with the bat.

"It felt like an out (of) body experience. I was watching myself," Fletcher said, according to court records.

He demanded the money, got it and left the store, he said.

Fletcher said he did not immediately come forward with information about the real caller, records said, because he was fearful of this man dubbed "Gunner."

According to Fletcher, "Gunner" has been responsible for the killings of multiple Cleveland police officers, records said.

He encouraged law enforcement to pursue this Cleveland man during his statement Wednesday.

Fletcher faces a maximum of eight years in prison.

He was ordered to pay restitution, including the $530 he stole.

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