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Tax increase pays for paving

Andy Ouriel • May 19, 2014 at 11:20 AM

Vermilion   officials continue to plow forward on fixing some rough roads they promised they would.

About a year ago, city residents approved an income tax increase solely for improving five major corridors. The ballot issue called for generating new money, about $509,000 a year. City officials also took out a $2 million loan to pave these five roads.

Among the progress on these roads:

•Road projects completed: Ohio Street’s entire length.

•Road projects started: Yorktown Place’s entire length. n Road projects scheduled to start and end later this year: Sanford Street from Larchmont Drive to the south end; Edgewater Boulevard from Rowland Road to Woodside Avenue; and Sunnyside Road from North Ridge Road to Jerusalem Road.

The income tax rate increased from 1 percent to 1.5 percent. It marked the first time since 1968 Vermilion’s income tax rate has risen above 1 percent.

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A person working inside city limits earning about $50,000 a year now pays an additional $250 annually. Any resident employed outside city limits and paying a different political subdivision’s income tax — such as Huron or Sandusky, for instance — pays 0.5 percent to Vermilion.

The tax is permanent, meaning funds will be generated for years to come specifically for smoothing out bumpy roads.

   “As more money comes in from the tax, more projects will be able to be completed,” Vermilion finance director Keri Angney said.

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