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Sinter: artists showcase clay works

Tom Jackson • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:43 PM

“Sinter” the new Sandusky Cultural Center show featuring recent work in clay, will feature an artist who is an old favorite among local art lovers.


Gary Spinosa, of Venango, Pa., is a locally popular artist who has exhibited many times in Sandusky, said Charles Mayer, director of the Sandusky Cultural Center.

The feeling is mutual, said Spinosa, 66.

“This is my favorite place to show,” Spinosa said. “I really like the people here. It feels like family, coming here”

Spinosa’s part of the show focuses on his small, portable sculptures, pieces in colored clay that combine the shapes of animals, humans, plants, shells and other natural shapes. “His work is very mysterious and kind of haunting,” Mayer said.

And Mayer can’t be accused of just giving lip service to Spinosa’s work. He’s been collecting it for many years.

Want to go?

WHAT: “Sinter,” new work in clay by various artists.

WHERE: Sandusky Cultural Center, 2130 Hayes Ave.

WHEN: April 27 to June 1. Everyone is welcome to attend the opening reception from 1-4 p.m. Sunday. Gallery hours are 1-4 p.m. Sunday through Friday. Closed Saturdays.

COST: Free admission.


Spinosa starts with white porcelain clay, then stains the clay with various colors. The colored clays are then molded into the final works.

He said while he does his work intuitively, he knows it looks mythical and evocative of the past.

“I had a show that was called Archaic Revival” Spinosa said.

While it wasn’t his term, he’s borrowed it at times to describe his work, he said.

Mayer said the new show grew out of an exhibit of tiles at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland. Stephanie Craig, one of the artists in that show, suggested taking it to Sandusky. Mayer replied, saying he’d use some works from that show but add other works of clay. Artists exhibited in the new show, besides Spinosa and Craig, are Diana Bjel, Bette Drake, Megan Dull, Bonnie Gordon, Yumiko Goto, Sharon Grossman, Alan Kradlak, Andrea LeBlond, Todd Leech, Lynne Lofton, Ikuko Miklowski, John Miyazawa, Jimbob Salazar and Mark Yasenchack. They represent a wide mix of styles and approaches.

Mayer said he’s inviting everyone to come out to the new exhibit.

“They should come here to expand their awareness of the world around them” he said.

“We always show only original art. If you like it well enough, you can buy it and take it home”

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