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Commissioners ‘taking the show on the road’

Andy Ouriel • Apr 19, 2014 at 9:20 AM

Sandusky city commissioners aren’t often compared to rock stars.

But, like The Rolling Stones or The Beatles, commissioners are soon setting out to take their sometimes wild and often controversial show on tour.

Ex officio mayor Dennis Murray Jr. suggested officials occasionally schedule public gatherings away from City Hall and barnstorm to other municipal venues for commission meetings.

All six other commissioners seemingly agreed with his proposal.

“We’re taking the show on the road,” Murray said. “We want to showcase some of these facilities and show folks in the city of Sandusky where they’ve made investments in.” 

Murray and other officials expect to schedule a series of off-site meetings soon. It’s not known when or where the first one will occur. Some possible locations discussed for future meeting sites include the Sandusky Greenhouse, the water plant, Lions Park and the downtown fire station.

Murray outlined two main objectives for these meetings.

“I would like to provide both the citizens and the commissioners with another opportunity to get out into the community with a focus on the activities and the workers supported by a particular facility,” Murray said. “It is also a way for the citizens to see and tour these facilities before each meeting and perhaps gain a renewed appreciation of the significance of our investments in these locations and what they do for the community”

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