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New spiritual business awakens

Melissa Topey • Apr 3, 2014 at 3:40 PM

It’s official: There’s something magical happening in downtown Sandusky.


While there’s been no shortage of news lately about new restaurants, bars and other shops flocking to downtown spots, the phenomenon has now taken on something of a mystical component.

Jarrod Walters and Bobby Daugherty are opening Divine Awakenings, a spirituality and mysticism shop, at 218 Columbus Ave., at the corner of Market Street.

The new-age business, opening Saturday, will offer healing arts and all things meditative. It’ll be located near Small City Taphouse, a new restaurant and bar still under construction.

It will feature intuitive readers, mediums and sessions of healing energy with Reiki and crystals.

“Here you are open and free to believe as you do” Walters said.

Said Daugherty: “It’s something we have always wanted, to have a shop of our own. When Midnight Moon closed, there was no other (similar) shop around”

The co-owners will offer jewelry, including a line of pendants containing semi-precious stones said to carry certain energy properties. Appropriately adding to the ambiance, the co-owners have a 159-pound plain Quartz crystal on display, which they borrowed from a friend.

Angel, Buddha and Quan Yin figurines dot the place, as if they’re just ready and waiting to help someone along in their spiritual development.

There are plenty of items for the less mystical-minded shoppers, such as pure soaps and DEET-free bug repellent made with natural ingredients.

Once the business is fully underway, Walters and Daugherty hope to add Yoga and Tai Chi classes.

They’ve already set up a healing room for massages with Greg Kendzior, a licensed massage therapist for the past five years. He specializes in relaxation, deep-tissue and sports massages, and he’s a certified tuningfork therapist, using a series of nine tuning forks that send strong vibrations into the body.

The new storefront has more than enough space to host classes and events.

“We looked at several different locations,” Walters said. “Its’ a good size for everything we want to do”

With help from family members, the two men designed, painted and decorated the new space to create a zen atmosphere where customers can escape from the stresses and hassles of daily life.

They repurposed old furniture, doors and pallets to serve various purposes. Old wooden crayon boxes from American Crayon, for instance, have found new life as sea-salt holders. Sea salt can be used to cleanse crystals of negative energy.

“Repurposed furniture celebrates the beauty of everything” Walters said.

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