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Fashionable fans

Melissa Topey • Mar 20, 2014 at 7:50 PM

It takes a lot of hard work to look this great.

But make no mistake about it: Huron spirit has never looked better on Main Street.

When husband-and-wife team Jenny and Joel Hagy opened Lucky Stone Gifts and Promotions Nov. 1 on South Main Street, they knew it would call for some sweat equity.

Lucky Stone Gifts and Promotions

WHERE: 607 S. Main St., Huron

HOURS: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday; 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday

PHONE: 419-616-6008

ONLINE: luckystonepromotions.com  

“I have (not) worked harder in my life,” Jenny said, explaining how everything has been invested in the business.

They started the custom embroidery and spirit-wear shop out of their home.

Jenny, 42, worked for years as a field sales representative, driving all over the place to sell similar products for someone else.

When the couple became pregnant with their first child, Jenny wanted flexibility to be a full-time mom. Like all entrepreneurs, sheliked the notion of being her own boss.

As a creative spirit and a former athlete, Jenny now gets to tap into her passion for casual spirit wear.

Custom screen-printing, embroidery, corporate promotions, awards, spirit wear and other gifts are all available at Lucky Stone Gifts and Promotions.

The shop is all things Huron city and sports — Huron football, cross country, tennis, golf, you name it. T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets cover the walls and fill the shelves. A custom-embroidered quilt is on display behind the checkout counter, right next to the customized Huron High yard signs.

The spirit of Lake Erie is also on display, featured on sweatshirts and T-shirts adorned with fun messages: “Lake Erie Unsalted,” or simply, “Lake Erie, Lake Erie, Lake Erie”

The shop also offers items such as water bottles, bags and LED keychains that can feature the name of a company or charity. Personal gifts are plentiful too, such as sea glass jewelry made by an Elyria artist and custom-painted bottles and glasses made by a Sandusky artist.

The Hagys, who have four children, said they appreciate the opportunity to promote local businesses and organizations and local artists.

“My husband grew up in Huron in the family home his mother also grew up in,” Jenny said. “His dad taught and coached at Huron High School for over 40 years”

Having grown up in Marion, Jenny adopted Huron. She remembers that day in December 2005 when she drove into town for the first time, eyeing up the stadium, Pied Piper ice cream shop and Berardi’s Restaurant.

Who wouldn’t fall in love?

“Huron has become home for me,” Jenny said. “Joel and I work to make sure Lucky Stone Gifts and Promotions reflects that commitment to our community”

Joel, 50, is also a lieutenant colonel in the Ohio Army National Guard. He’s currently garrison commander at Camp Perry, and he has served tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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