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Man refuses to cooperate after alleged domestic violence incident

Sandusky Register Staff • Mar 18, 2014 at 7:40 PM

Gabriel James, 37, of the 1200 block of E. Perkins Ave., received two counts of assault, two counts of domestic violence, and one count of both resisting arrest and persistent disorderly conduct for the ongoing domestic issues.

In the first incident, James allegedly chased his girlfriend, pushed her onto a couch and hit her, according to a Sandusky police report. When her son tried to intervene, the pair started to fight. James choked the boy, then left, challenging him to a fight outside, the report said.

Later, James returned, again attempting to instigate a fight with the boy, according to the report. Police threatened him with a Taser and he refused to cooperate, requiring them to use “reasonable force” to arrest him, according to the report.

He wouldn’t let police take pictures of his minor lip injury and told them he “could not be arrested because he was a ‘33rd degree Freemason’ and ‘a member of the Illuminati.’”

James then requested an ambulance, claiming he was assaulted, according to the report.

While at Firelands Regional Medical Center, he swore at emergency room staff members and wouldn’t explain what treatment he was seeking.

Police then took him to Erie County Jail.

James has had previous domestic violence convictions in 2004, 2012 and 2013, according to the report.

Police contacted Safe Harbor regarding Sunday’s incident.

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