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Quiet zone proposal quashed

Andy Ouriel • Mar 12, 2014 at 2:20 PM

Council members recently voted 6-1 against spending about $16,000 in local taxpayer funds so an outside consultant could complete two tasks:

•Begin establishing quiet zones where trains speed by, eliminating noisy horns blaring in business districts and neighborhoods.

•Make areas safer where trains rumble over streets.

Six elected officials trumped councilman Brad Hartung’s lone supporting vote for a study.

Six dissenting votes largely occurred because a preliminary plan for safety upgrades would’ve been tied to future costs, Huron city manager Andy White said.

"They would’ve delivered us a road map for more expenditures,” White said. “Some improvements at just one intersection totaled $500,000. We don’t have the capacity internally to do this with all the other work going on in our city”

Funding could’ve helped quiet down trains in five areas, including where trains cross Berlin, River and Rye Beach roads along with Main and Williams streets.

Before implementing a quiet zone, certain safety upgrades must occur at specific intersections.

Among the problems existing in some areas: crossing gates don’t extend the entire roadway’s width.

“I just felt it was something that we needed to look at” Hartung said.

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