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Damschroder protester claims lawyer is wrong

Sandusky Register Staff • Mar 7, 2014 at 12:10 PM

An election board hearing over Rhonda Damschroder’s candidacy for the U.S. House, held Wednesday, was still fraying tempers Thursday.

John Brewer, a Clyde resident who filed the protest and then walked out Wednesday rather than present his case, said Thursday he objects to two statements made by attorney Donald Brey, who represented Mrs. Damschroder.

Brewer contends that contrary to Brey’s claim, Brewer did have standing to file a protest. Brewer said the relevant state law, ORC 3513.014, says “any qualified elector” may file a protest.

Brewer also took issue with Brey’s statement that Brewer has repeatedly voted Democrat in recent elections.

“In point of fact I have taken a Democrat ballot only 64 percent of the time. After I vote Republican in May, I will have taken a Democrat ballot only 60 percent of the time” he said.

The Sandusky Register was the first paper to call Brewer for comment after he walked out of Wednesday’s meeting. When Brewer took the call, he said he did not know what the outcome of the meeting was.

During Wednesday’s meeting, Brey accused Brewer of making “maliciously false accusations” when he accused Rhonda Damschroder of filing a false declaration of candidacy. He also accused Brewer of filing a frivolous complaint that Brewer was unwilling to defend in public.

“It would be helpful to all of us if he hadn’t rushed out of the window like a coward” Brey said.

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