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Theatrical cut

Melissa Topey • Feb 27, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Little Shop of Hair offers hairstyling in a location that feels less like a salon and more like a friend’s living room.

And that’s by design.

Jaclyn Favro opened Little Shop of Hair Jan. 2, after Pin-Ups, her previous employer, closed Dec. 23.

“I am actually very grateful for it,” she said. “I would still be working for someone else. I took it as a good opportunity to use this as a fresh start”

In the past, change has been crippling for her. This time it was different.

When she got the phone call that the space was hers, she cried tears of joy. She worked long hours to get the salon ready, securing licenses and getting product on the shelves.

“But the first week I was here, Pin-Ups felt like it was 30 years ago,” Favro said. “I had no doubt what I was doing”

Favro designed the salon with the idea that clients would come in and feel comfortable, like they were in a good friend’s living room, she said.

The salon matches her personality — it emanates energy and laughter. Even the name, Little Shop of Hair, is rather theatrical, just like Favro.

There’s a large, comfortable chair and home furniture in the small space. An old standup wooden television was gutted and converted into a fish tank, so guests can sit and watch the fish.

“I hope they feel instantly welcomed and happy,” Favro said.

The shop offers a variety of quality hair products in a wide range of prices. Little Shop of Hair features the Moroccanoil product line. Favro tries all the products in the salon on herself before using them on anyone else.

Gretchen Hermes, of Port Clinton, started to have her hair styled by Favro about 10 years ago. The two have built a friendship over the years, so Hermes followed Favro from the old salon.

Most of Favro’s other clients did the same.

“I trust her with my hair” Hermes said as she sat in the chair, color and foil in her hair. “It’s hard to find a hairdresser”

Favro cuts the hair of Hermes’ two children, her grandmother and her mother.

“We all come to Jaclyn,” Hermes said.

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