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Hoffman seeks Kaptur’s seat

Andy Ouriel • Feb 16, 2014 at 2:00 PM

A   self-proclaimed political underdog revealed his blueprint to repair a battered U.S. economy and unite bickering bipartisan representatives. Sandusky native and Huron resident Cory Hoffman intends to be an Independent candidate for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District. The district spans from Cleveland to Toledo, hugs Lake Erie and covers Erie and Ottawa counties. The Bowling Green State University graduate stands to face Congressional veteran U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, and a Republican in an election this November. Hoffman, a Cleveland-based attorney specializing in business law, recently discussed his views on “Between the Lines Live”


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Q: Why do want to represent Ohio’s 9th Congressional District?

CH: I have an emotional investment in Toledo, where my fiancée and family is from. I’ve lived in the central (portion) in Erie County, Sandusky and Huron and spent much of my youth on the Lake Erie islands. I work in Cleveland. I love all parts of this district. I have a genuine and emotional attachment to this district, substantially differentiating me from other candidates in this race.    

Q: You’re running as an Independent candidate but originally filed as a Democrat. Why did you switch?

CH: I decided it would be in the best interest in my pursuit for the district if I withdrew from the Democratic primary, which occurs in May, and went ahead and pursued submitting a petition for an Independent, progressive candidacy. The purpose of a primary is to eliminate people with similar ideas. My ideas are substantially different than Marcy Kaptur’s. This way, it will be better for the people of northern Ohio to hear different ideas over a longer period of time and be able to choose the best candidate in the general election.

Q: Did the Ohio Democratic Party support your campaign when you originally filed as a Democrat?

CH: I’m a progressive liberal. The Democratic Party does not share most of my major ideas on economic development issues. The Democratic Party’s No. 1 goal in Ohio is they want to get (Republican Ohio Gov.) John Kasich out of office. They don’t want to deal with a longshot primary campaign against a mainstay like Marcy. They were not interested in that right now.

Q: What is your campaign primarily based on?

CH: Economics and a change in federal budget policy. Everybody in Congress, Democrats and Republicans, all act as if the federal government is going to run out of money (and) that there is a fiscal crisis on the horizon. They (claim) they have to raise taxes and cut spending in order to stop the national debt from crushing our society. But this is fundamentally incorrect. The federal government is the creator and provider of all U.S. dollars. All U.S. dollars must come to the federal government. Terms like the federal government is in deficit or they are going to run out of money are fundamentally erroneous.

Q: So what must Congress and the federal government do?

CH: We need to change the conversation. The job of the federal government is to provide enough dollars so our households can be in balance and not be in debt. Our federal government should target its spending and taxing based upon its practical effect. How can we make sure we can get everyone a job? We need to target full employment so everyone willing and able to work can find work. This will ensure households and businesses and city and state governments can have balanced budgets.

Q: Are you suggesting that balancing a federal budget, or arguing to do so, is a waste of energy?

CH: It is a waste of energy. The federal government’s job is to make sure our economy functions. They provide the dollars we all need in an economy to make sure we can all balance our budgets. Their jobs should be to provide money (without necessarily printing more money) so that we can invest and spend and create jobs.

Q: What do you propose?

CH: We need to take away this false idea that the government is going to run out of money. That doesn’t mean you should just throw money out of helicopters. Instead of producing food stamps and welfare payments, where people sit at home in despair and are not able to participate in our economy, we should provide an employment guarantee. The federal government, using its power of the purse, provides dollars for our economy to pay the salaries at a minimum wage for anybody that is willing and able to work. It would be a replication of what we did with the New Deal.

Q: What are your views on Border Patrol, or federal police officers who don’t have a specific mission?

CH: Just because I point out the federal government doesn’t have to worry about running out of money doesn’t mean we shouldn’t allocate it in a practical and efficient way. Would these funds be better reallocated to city and local governments than having Border Patrol agents drive up and down Ohio 2 everyday?

Q: What is your stance on the ongoing war in Afghanistan?

CH: If elected, I would push to end involvement in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan War at this point has gone on longer than Vietnam. There is nothing more unproductive for this world and for our country than killing people and breaking things. It’s a mess.

Q: What is your opinion on same-sex marriages?

CH: I believe that same-sex marriage is wonderful. Gays and lesbians, LGBT, should be able to get married.

For more information, or to participate in Hoffman’s campaign, log onto coryhoffmanforcongress.com  .

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