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Charter schools closing in Ohio

Associated Press • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:41 PM

Publicly funded charter schools that are often privately run became legal in Ohio in 1997, The Columbus Dispatch reported. About 75 of the 400 charter schools currently operating in the state are in Columbus, where nine of the 17 schools that closed in 2013 lasted only months. 


Some of the nine schools closed because of money problems, while some closed due to health and safety troubles including a lack of nutritious lunches for students and unsanitary buildings, the newspaper reported. Some were closed by their sponsors.

Advocates and critics of charter schools say one way to avoid closings is to do a better job deciding who should be allowed to open.

Nonprofit groups, universities, school districts and educational service centers can act as sponsors or authorizers for charter schools, deciding which can open and whether they should close.

“We don’t have any approval or denial power,” said John Charlton, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Education..

There also can be great cost to children and to taxpayers when schools close, the newspaper reported.

When the nine schools closed in Columbus last year, more than 250 students had to find new schools. The state spent more than $1.6 million in taxpayer money to keep the nine schools open only from August through October or November.

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