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Art club fosters creativity

Alissa Widman Neese • Dec 11, 2013 at 8:50 PM

Before long, the craft took shape: the holiday season’s iconic tiny manger.


While many students get caught up in the glamorized commercialization of Christmas, Paige chose to celebrate what she considers its true meaning. She made a religious Christmas tree ornament.

She placed a baby Jesus inside the manger and put a shimmering star above his head.

“It’s called ‘the Christmas miracle’” Paige explained, admiring her creation.

Paige and about a dozen other Immaculate Conception School students gathered this past week to create Christmas ornaments during their new after-school art club. The group meets for two hours almost every month to produce in-depth art projects.

At its first gathering Oct. 28, students concocted colorful duct tape crafts.

Art teacher Joni Hoffman established Immaculate Conception School’s art club this fall to give artistically gifted students a new outlet for their creativity, she said.

“There are always after-school opportunities for students who excel in sports, music and academics, but not necessarily the arts,” Hoffman said. “I wanted to be able to go above and beyond what we can do in a regular school day, so I decided to offer some more complex projects for those students in a longer time frame”

So far, the program has been well-received.

Students this past week said they particularly enjoyed the freedom the club offered.

While Paige built her “Christmas miracle” ornament, third-grader Jacob Weldon made an athletic clay snowman, wielding a football and wearing a red Port Clinton football jersey.

“I should have made him a helmet with a face mask” Jacob joked with his friends.

Meanwhile, fourth-graders Ella Roberts and Marcella Brenner decorated their snowmen in stylish scarves and hats.

“I like art club because you get to make it your own, one-of-a-kind” Ella said. “It’s a lot of fun”


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