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Transportation officials take Hoty to heart

Andy Ouriel • Dec 4, 2013 at 6:07 PM

Working at night just seems right when a major construction project on Milan Road begins.

State transportation officials plan to wait until nighttime to reconfigure the U.S. 250 corridor stretching through Sandusky and Perkins Township.

Construction should primarily occur from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. when work starts in May 2015.

“It is our intent to have the contractor complete the majority of the work during the evening/nighttime hours,” state transportation traffic engineer Julie Cichello wrote in a letter obtained by the Register. “There may be some work items they will need to complete during the daytime, but this should be minimal”

Cichello also reiterated how officials will:

• Keep at least one lane open in each direction, north and south, at all times during construction.

• Work with Perkins Township trustees and other officials to avoid violating any noise ordinances.

• Collaborate and possibly compromise to ensure the construction doesn’t negatively impact area agencies or businesses.

Cichello wrote her letter shortly after a local real estate developer expressed numerous concerns about the project.

Hoty Enterprises president John Hoty outlined several problems regarding the upgrades in a letter sent to the state transportation office about a month ago. The company owns roughly 15 properties on Milan Road. 

Hoty surmised the yearlong project could create an overwhelming financial setback for businesses situated on or near Milan Road if construction occurs during traditional business hours.

“The traffic between May and October sustains the businesses on U.S. 250,” Hoty wrote in his letter. “During the last major renovation of the corridor, we had some tenants lose 15 percent to 20 percent of their business because the flow of traffic was so bad”

Hoty also expressed concerns about sign placement, as well as state planners eliminating or excluding left-turn traffic signals and left-turn lanes in certain areas.

Construction on Milan Road will take place mostly during nighttime hours when work begins in May 2015.

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