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Limberios family accepts ruling, tearfully

Jessica Cuffman • Nov 21, 2013 at 2:40 PM

After a news conference on Wednesday, his father, Mike Limberios appeared stunned at Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s conclusions the 19-year-old had shot himself.

Tearful, his mother, Shannon Limberios searched for the words to describe her feelings.

“I’m willing to accept this today,” she said. “All I know is I want for his death certificate to be changed from suicide, and I’m confident that’s going to happen now.”

Watch and read about the news conference HERE

The barrage of new information presented to them Wednesday had yet to sink in moments after the news conference ended. “We got what we asked for, a very thorough investigation by Mike DeWine’s office. He promised me that,” Mike Limberios said.

The determination Jacob Limberios’ death was an accident — not a suicide — was a relief for the family, and affirmation of part of what they believed.

“If there had been an investigation in the first place, we would not be here,” his mother said. “Pretend it was your child. Then tell me what you would do.”

Watch an interview with Mike and Shannon Limberios in the player below

She asked only that Sandusky County investigators consider that.

Their attorney, Dan McGookey, remained adamant they weren’t yet finished with their own inquiry into the investigation.

He said they would be requesting documents from the investigation and would analyze each one.

“I want to know who said what and when,” McGookey said. “The only reason we’re here today is we filed the civil suit. We wouldn’t be here otherwise. This is a travesty.”

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