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Election shakes up boards with new blood

Alissa Widman Neese • Nov 18, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Voters elected at least one newcomer in each major school board race Nov. 5, according to unofficial election results in Erie and Huron counties. Each newly elected individual will serve a fouryear term on his respective school board, starting Jan. 1.

The six new board members will bring a wealth of diverse experience to their districts:

• Michael Ahner, for Perkins Schools, a Perkins High School and Ohio State University graduate.

• Kevin Cashen, for Norwalk Schools, a Tiffin University professor.

• Matt McClester, for Edison Schools, a journeyman union bricklayer.

• Kent Miller, for Margaretta Schools, an AgriGold corn specialist.

• Eric Muehlhauser, for Huron Schools, a local attorney.

• Paul Schoenegge, for Margaretta Schools, a retired Margaretta High School teacher.

The Register asked the area’s newest school board members three questions this past week about their plans to stabilize district finances, other district challenges, and their expectations when they take on their first full terms next year.

Read their answers by clicking on the photo above and to the right

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