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Bored With Your Home Office? Perk It Up!

Zillow • Aug 27, 2014 at 3:13 PM

By S.E. Slack

Does your home office bore you? It doesn’t have to. Experts say that a few color and accessory tricks can brighten up a home office and turn it into a space you enjoy every day.

As the line between work and home continues to blur, even among the fastest growing cities in the United States, homeowners are looking for quiet and clean spaces where they can wrap up leftover projects from the office or work from home during those rainy fall days.

A new coat of paint is typically a day-long job that can transform any office from a gloomy cell into a bright, inspiring place to work. New hues for fall and winter include warm graphite, rich palomino, bone, limestone and greyed lavenders.

Other home offices, however, don’t transform so quickly.

“My home office has cedar walls and tile floors,” said Greg Tucker, a systems engineer, “so I can’t just toss a coat of paint on the wall. But I like to rotate photos of my children and occasionally swap out the floor rug with something new to make it feel fresher.”

He also collects serious art from around the world as well as silly art in the form of bobble-head dolls from his favorite national sports teams. The eclectic mix lets him focus on different sports seasons as the year moves along, while showing clients his serious side as well.

Although he doesn’t mind making regular trips to the kitchen for caffeine or snacks, others are updating their home offices with serious coffee bars and refrigerators to keep work moving.

Zillow Digs trend expert Cynthia Nowak said that fall is a good time to give your home office a new look.

“Workdays seem shorter,” she said, referencing the shortened daylight times. Making changes now can help those short days seem longer as winter winds into the coming months, say experts, and give new life to an old office.

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