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Naming project not a Dunn deal

Andy Ouriel • Oct 9, 2013 at 7:35 AM

Members of the local Fraternal Order of Police criticized Sandusky city commissioners for apparently ignoring a request they made 19 months ago.

In February 2012, leaders from two FOP organizations asked commissioners to consider naming the new west end overpass in honor of slain Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn, who died from a fatal gun shot in March 2011 while on duty. Commissioners debated about what to name the bridge during a public meeting in early March.

The bridge, debuting a couple of weeks ago, spans the railroad tracks near Venice Road and Tiffin Avenue. Since then, however, officials failed to engage in meaningful dialogue about a name — neither accepting or rejecting the union’s name request.

“Whether it was forgotten or just not the politically correct thing to do, it would have been nice if the commission would have contacted our order to make us aware of (the) decision, or should I say lack of one,” according to a letter written by union members. “It is a shame that some community members and leaders do not remember and instead seem to feel that it is easier to just forget.”

The letter, addressed to all seven city commissioners, specifically named ex officio mayor John Hamilton.

“We probably should have said something to them,” Hamilton said.

On Friday, the Register sent an email to Hamilton and the six other commissioners — Pervis Brown, Diedre Cole, Julie Farrar, Keith Grohe, Wes Poole and Jeff Smith — about if they would name the overpass after someone.

No commissioner responded to the email.

This isn’t the first time commissioners and other city officials have seemingly ignored a simple request.

In early 2013, Erie County commissioners offered city officials space inside a county-owned building in downtown Sandusky.

The county’s proposal called for beginning a discussion about whether the city might be interested in relocating administrative offices at City Hall to the County Administrative Building at Washington Row and Columbus Avenue, the former Lasalle’s department store.

The proposal resulted from Sandusky officials having discussed possibly relocating the current City Hall, an antiquated 57-year-old facility requiring a multi-million dollar upgrade.

County commissioners, however, never heard back from any city commissioner nor city manager Nicole Ard.

“It’s difficult to do business with a partner that never responds,” Ere County commissioner Bill Monaghan said. “Even a response of ‘we’ll think about it’ would have been adequate, but we got no response.”

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