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Sandusky native authors book on growing up here

Alissa Widman Neese • Sep 20, 2013 at 10:50 PM

They’d likely be too busy sharing a hearty laugh with the lively cast of characters housed inside.

Mary Murray Bosrock, 68, who lived in the Sandusky home during her entire childhood, decided she’s going to do the talking for them. The renowned author, who now lives in St. Paul, Minn., compiled her musings into a memoir set to debut Nov. 1.

The book, “Mortal Sin on My Soul,” tells the tale of a young Catholic girl growing up in the era of baby boomers. She’s accompanied by seven silly siblings, two loving parents, nuns as strict schoolteachers and a group of friends fond of slumber party shenanigans. Almost everything takes place at 124 E. Madison St.

Want to buy?

• To order Mary Murray Bosrock’s memoir about Sandusky, “Mortal Sin on My Soul,” go to marybosrock.com . 

The book will also be available at some local stores this fall.

It concludes with several memories Bosrock’s friends submitted, including first kisses, Berardi’s french fries at Cedar Point, midnight dance parties in pajamas and trips to the drug store to purchase ice cream for a quarter.

“It’s the memories of a lot of people from Sandusky during that era,” Bosrock said. “I hope it will make people laugh as they reminisce. I try to keep my writing on the lighthearted side.”

The book’s title pokes fun at a phrase young Catholic children once said to each other to confirm they were being truthful, similar to the phrase “cross my heart” used today.

Bosrock, a 1963 St. Mary’s High School graduate, will present the memoir to her classmates at their 50th class reunion Saturday at the Sandusky Yacht Club.

To her, the book is the most important project she’s ever completed.

Bosrock is the author and publisher of “Put Your Best Food Forward,” an award-winning series of nonfiction books on crosscultural communication and behavior. She also penned “Grandma Has Wings,” a lighthearted children’s book about a grandma’s soft, squishy arms, and “I Saw God,” a fable about perception, communication and diversity.

“All my life, when I met people and told stories of my family and growing up in Sandusky, they always told me I should write a book about it,” Bosrock said. “When I turned 65, I told myself there was no more ‘I’ll do it someday,’ it was going to be now or never.”

Anne Summers, of Sandusky, St. Mary’s High School class reunion chairperson, said her classmates are eager to hear about the newly published memoir Saturday. She received a sneak peek earlier this summer.

Summers and about a dozen women from the Class of 1963 rent out a cabin each year for a “slumber party,” honoring the many memories from 124 E. Madison St. The special reunions are more rejuvenating than a facelift or a day at the spa, Bosrock said.

At their most recent gathering, the group read excerpts of “Mortal Sin on My Soul,” laughing as they recalled boyfriends, school struggles and becoming young women. The personal tales address broad concepts that will keep any reader interested, Summers said.

“It was like time stood still,” she said. “I know the book is going to be wonderful.”

To Bosrock, the goal is to get people talking, whether they’re recalling their own memories or learning more about family members who lived during that time.

Eventually she hopes to create a blog on her website to allow others to share their tales.

“While we were reading the book, the girls kept saying ‘ I remember that’ and telling their own stories,” Bosrock said. “Although it’s my personal stories, I’m talking about an era through my life. I want others who grew up then to tell their stories too.”

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