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UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Justice for Jake marks time

Sandusky Register Staff • Sep 13, 2013 at 4:20 PM

Family and friends of Jacob Limberios have created a time clock at the "Justice for Jake & Ella" Facebook page marking the time since the 19-year-old was killed.

Click here to see the clock.  

Brady Gasser, Christine Wiedle and Lonnie Seisel — friends of the family who have spearheaded a social media campaign that includes signs posted across the region — are the guests at noon today on "Between the Lines Live" at sanduskyregister.com. Viewers are encouraged to ask question in the interactive chatroom while the program happens.  

The Limberios family and supporters created the Facebook page and signs campaign last year after waiting months for Sandusky County officials to complete multiple investigations. Jacob Limberios was killed inside a York Township home March 2, 2012. The last local lead investigator, Sandusky County sheriff's captain detective Sean O'Connell, and other local officials, made conflicting statements about the investigation and never issued a final report.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, a forensic pathologist who has been involved in numerous high-profile cases, conducted an autopsy in September 2012, and determined Jacob was the victim of a homicide. Sandusky County officials ignored Wecht's findings and ordered a second exhumation of Jacob's body and a second autopsy in May of this year. 

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine took over the case in June after a judge removed local officials, citing conflicts of interest they had ignored.

DeWine promised a thorough investigation and the family has said they are hopeful he is pushing forward and will get them answers. DeWine recently engaged the services of Dr. Michael Baden, a former medical examiner for the city of New York who also has been involved in numerous high-profile celebrity death cases, to review the case. 


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