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YouTube performer hopes for music career

Melissa Topey • Sep 3, 2013 at 12:40 PM

Nick Riedy loves to sing. And he is using YouTube to perfect his skills and get into as many people’s homes as possible, via the internet.

“Everybody on YouTube is on for one main reason — exposure,” Riedy said. But that need for exposure can be for different reasons. A few are on there looking for feedback to feel out their talent, while some would like to be the next star, Riedy said. 

Listen to Riedy at his YouTube page (or click on the player below)

He said Justin Bieber posted on YouTube and was discovered by Usher. There was also “Carmen,” whose YouTube videos were discovered by Ellen DeGeneres. People dream of that fame happening to them. He does not expect fame or fortune. Riedy would just like to be able to make a living by singing, even if it is background vocals or voice-over work.

“Not so much super stardom but something in the music industry,” Riedy said. He hopes YouTube will help make that dream a reality. It has already helped him build confidence. Riedy does not feel he is a strong live entertainer, which can be hard on the nerves. “That’s why I am a YouTube performer,” Riedy said. He hopes to build up his level of performances.

Riedy is also part of the FIT Challenge

Riedy started singing 10 years ago at local events, which he still does. He has been singing on YouTube for 5 years. He was nervous when he posted his first YouTube video. Then the views started to happen. “They said they liked it. It was a confidence booster,” Riedy said.

Riedy has seen YouTube grow steadily into a marketing and promotions tool for artists of all calibers.

“It is growing exponentially. When I started five years ago it was behind the scenes,” Riedy said.

Susan Hoekstra, director of public events at Bowling Green State University College of Musical Arts, agreed that YouTube has become a more prominent marketing tool and can be used in all musical genre.

The school trains in the classical and jazz style, and YouTube has helped support their students, Hoekstra said.

She said it is a viable means of gaining exposure.

Hoekstra produces hundreds of events and festivals for the school. She said in the course of her job she talks to agents who direct her to watch their clients on YouTube.

“Musicians are using it to get themselves known,” Hoekstra said.

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