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GateKeeper carries sales tax collections uphill

Andy Ouriel • Aug 29, 2013 at 10:50 AM

It produced stacks of cash for a local government.

Erie County officials collected about $1.24 million in sales tax income during May. The $1.24 million represents a 2.5 percent gain compared to May 2012.

To date, county officials have collected about $8.54 million in sales tax through 2013 — or $247,000 above the projected amount officials estimated they’d receive by today’s date.

All told, sales tax income should meet — if not exceed — the $14 million figure budgeted for this year.

“The figures that we are seeing kind of reflect what’s going on in the country,” Erie County commissioner Bill Monaghan said. “There’s a positive feeling about people starting to spend money and take a vacation that they wouldn’t have taken before.”

Case in point: Many families and tourists trekked to Cedar Point, which opened in May, so they could ride GateKeeper, the new record-breaking winged roller coaster.

Sales tax represents about half the county commissioners’ everyday operating budget, totaling about $26 million each year. Sales tax money pays for various services, including court, sheriff and maintenance operations.

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