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Point Well Made

Melissa Topey • Aug 19, 2013 at 8:30 PM

You don’t always need a gym to get fit. A beach, a tire, stadium steps and lots of moral support can work wonders.

On Point Wellness has all this. “You don’t need a gym, you just need outside,” said Mike Lento, founder of On Point Wellness, a Port Clinton-based fitness boot camp.

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“There were 87 people at a recent boot camp, all supporting one another — ‘You have my back, I got your back.’” Lento doesn’t prefer to call himself the owner; he thinks of On Point Wellness as a team, and himself as a personal trainer and wellness coach. He’s also a motivator, making sure each client is 100 percent committed to becoming the best they can be.

About 115 people are signed up for the program, including Jamie Jennings, a 35-year-old Port Clinton resident and mother of two. Jennings has worked at a desk in an office. Her weight was 238 pounds when she walked onto the On Point Wellness scene in December. She wasn’t so sure she could do it. Lento assured her she could.   She participated in Lento’s first boot camp, and that’s all she needed. “I was hooked,” Jennings said, “It is such a sense of accomplishment.”

Today, this stay-at-home mom has lost more than 50 pounds. She finds herself with more than enough energy to play with her children, ages 2 and 8. “I feel amazing,” she said. “I have not felt this good since I was a kid.” It hasn’t been easy, Jennings said, but Lento has been there all along, offering encouragement and motivation. Lento typically modifies exercises to meet a person’s fitness level. “He’s in it for you,” Jennings said.

Americans are more educated these days about the country’s obesity problem, but many are still not doing anything about it, Lento said. He made it his mission to do his part to help — boot-camp style, which works to increase a client’s cardio, strength and agility, using little more than the person’s body weight and an occasional tool, like a tire or steps. 

Lento also offers coaching on nutrition, proper diet, hydration and supplements. Proper nutrition is the key component to a healthy lifestyle.    “The biggest thing is to talk to people about what they need to do,” Lento said. “Everybody needs to be on an individualized program.”   

As a person’s fitness and goals change, so too should their intake of protein and calories. Lento helps his clients understand what their body needs for maximum metabolism. He does this from an 800-square-foot space he calls his glorified office,   where he sells shakes and talks about nutrition.

Recently, an Atlanta Falcons practice player — on his way to Put-in-Bay — stopped in at On Point Wellness. Lento and the man had protein shakes and talked about fitness.

“He was looking for something healthy,” Lento said. “I know it was ironic, considering where he was going.” But Lento will help anyone, anytime.

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