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Bellevue board gets to root of problem

Alissa Widman Neese • Aug 20, 2013 at 5:09 PM

Bellevue Schools is still recuperating from the damage of last month’s wicked storm front.

An uprooted tree toppled into the district’s board of education office July 10, when a tornado touched down and high winds ripped through the local area. The building, located at 125 North St., sustained serious damage to its roof and front porch. No one was injured.  

Bellevue school board members approved a   “resolution of urgent necessity” at their Thursday meeting to begin repairing the damage.   

They estimate the repair costs will exceed $25,000, which required the board approve them first, superintendent Kim Schubert said. “Fortunately, the major damage was done to the outside of the building and no one was hurt,” Schubert said. “There is no structural damage to the inside of the building, so it hasn’t inhibited us from working in the board office. We have just had to reroute all visitors to the back entrance for the time being.”   

The inside of the building has some minor leaks, which will be fixed while the roof is repaired, she said.    The district is still working with its insurance company to finalize an estimate of damage costs and an appropriate timeframe to complete the construction, she said.

The insurance company will likely pay for the repairs.

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