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Boy taking his boot to Wadsworth

Andy Ouriel • Aug 18, 2013 at 8:00 AM

Sandusky officials agreed to temporarily boot the city’s most recognizable icon south this winter. 


City commissioners voted 7-0 to let the city of Wadsworth, located near Akron, borrow the Boy with the Boot statue. Wadsworth representatives plan to hire someone to sculpt a duplicate of the statue that’s stationed in the fountain at Washington Park. Sandusky’s original Boy with the Boot actually stands in an enclosed case in City Hall. 


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“Our community is celebrating its bicentennial in 2014, and we’re hopeful to have that statue as a physical reminder of our community,” Wadsworth Mayor Robin Laubaugh said. “Legend has it during World War II, the statue was donated, and it was displayed in our downtown.”

Wadsworth’s statue is no longer with the community, and Laubaugh couldn’t explain the reason it disappeared.

“It would be for a permanent display in our community,” Laubaugh said. “We hope it would be there forever.”    To do this, however, she needs to take Sandusky’s Boy with the Boot for an extended period of time.

Realizing Wadsworth needed the statue for several months leading up to a springtime celebration, Sandusky officials offered to temporarily provide her with this city’s Boy with the Boot replica.

“It is normal for us to take down the Boy with the Boot in October anyway, and that’s when Wadsworth was looking to obtain it,” commissioner Julie Farrar said. “They want it for a Memorial Day unveiling. I’m pretty certain we will have it back in time to put it back up in Sandusky for next season.”

Sandusky Greenhouse manager Tom Speir said crews occasionally bring in the Boy with the Boot replica statue during wintertime for maintenance.

“The statue would not be removed for Wadsworth’s reproduction until the fountain is shut down for the winter, (which occurs) sometime in late October,” Speir said.

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