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Topey spruces business district

Melissa Topey • Jul 8, 2013 at 9:30 AM

I got to ride the Gator.

Yes, THE famous Sandusky Main Street Association green Gator seen putting around the waterfront. It is driven by Jenny Everson — otherwise known as Gator Girl. 

She is the lady who keeps downtown Sandusky clean.

“It’s fun,” Everson said. “I like the positive changes I see downtown.” 

And she is proud to be a part of it, keeping her corner of the world from Hancock to Jackson streets and the waterfront to Washington Row clean.

It was a good morning on Monday to work at the Schade-Mylander Plaza, with cooler temperatures and friendly people stopping by to talk to Everson. She said people respond when they see something positive.

“We call that community outreach,” Everson said. 

My outreach began with tongs.

Everson cracked the whip and handed me a pair of tongs to go through the ivy to pick out trash.

She seemed to be enjoying this too much.

“I like this,” Everson said as she mimicked the cracking of a whip.

Next came the power tools.

We needed to trim the ivy, and I tried to start up the hedge trimmer. It was a failure.

“OK. You now,” I said giving up.

Everson tried and after a few minutes the trimmer roared to life.

The ratcheted whine of the oscillating blades filled the air as I attacked the ivy.

I was in an artistic mode as I carefully eyed the ivy as it fell away.

It was a good job when done. I shut down the trimmer. The vibrations, however, continued moving up my arms.

No rest came as Everson handed me a broom and a handled dustpan.

Someone has to sweep the plaza, clearing it of garbage and cigarette butts. 

I was moving right along but at one of the benches I had a hard time sweeping up the butts and leaves. I was just scattering them and could not get the broom to gather them.

“They need to get you a new broom Jenny, this one is not working, ” I said.

“You are hysterical. I need a new broom,” Everson said. “It can’t be the operator?” 

There was a family in the plaza, and I asked the little boy how I did.

“OK. But are you going to leave that there?” he asked pointing to the small pile of ivy on the ground.

“No that will be picked up,” I said.

Such a taskmaster, some people are hard to impress.

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