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Summer workers cry foul

Courtney Astolfi • Jul 8, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Four Asian women living in Sandusky for the summer have accused an employee at their former workplace of threatening to rape them if they failed to obey his rules.

The alleged threats were made at the Rodeway Inn on Cleveland Road, where the women lived and worked for most of June.

The four women, ages 19 to 22, said the man ordered them to turn in their room keys anytime they left the premises. They said that was just one of numerous rules he imposed on them, according to a police report.

The man said if they broke those rules, he would use one of their key cards to enter their room during the night and rape one of them, the report said.

One woman also believed the hotel supervisor stole $1,000 in emergency cash that was concealed in an envelope in her book bag. On Tuesday, June 25, she returned to her room to find the envelope and its contents missing.

The women contacted United Work and Travel, the job placement organization that coordinated their summer employment in Sandusky. The organization asked local resident Robert Beese to house them.

Beese and his wife have hosted summer workers in their large Osborne Street home for five years. They agreed to take the women in, and Beese helped them file a police report on Thursday. 

“These kids should not come to America, then get threatened like that,” Beese said. 

“These four girls were just lost — they were scared out of their wits,” he said. “They didn’t know nothing. There was no one to guide them. I think it’s wrong to bring these kids to this town and say, ‘This is where you’re living,’ and then leave them on their own. What are these kids supposed to do?”

Beese added that one woman said the man warned them not to tell his wife.

Later that day, officers spoke with the man, who denied making the rape threats. He said he held their room keys to ensure they did not get lost and that nobody took advantage of them during their stay, according to the report.

The man further stated the women repeatedly left their window open after he told them not to. He told police it was inevitable someone would enter their room and believed that was how the money was stolen.

He said he didn’t know why the women made a complaint about sexual threats because he has a family and business, and it would not be worth it to have that destroyed, the report said.

Officers did not charge the man with a crime due to the parties’ conflicting stories, and the women found new jobs at a different Cleveland Road hotel.

A message was left at the Rodeway Inn on Friday, asking the man to contact the Register. He did not return the call as of late Saturday.

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