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Viewpoint: By grace and by guts

Register • Jul 4, 2013 at 12:11 PM

The choices are endless because of our freedom — something we all take for granted to some degree.

Meanwhile, across the globe there are other families that don't have the luxury of enjoying all the accoutrements that are afforded Americans, let alone have the means to partake in a celebration of true liberty.

America has shined the beacon of democracy, human rights and basic freedoms across the face of the world since our nation was created in 1776, and other countries have strived to have a fraction of what we enjoy ever since. That desire to be like America has increased dramatically in recent years as the Internet, television, movies and more stream images of the relative luxuries we enjoy in our everyday life to those living in Third World countries.

These liberties and freedoms have not come without a tremendous price. Aside from all the lives and limbs lost in wars, including our own Civil War, there has been tremendous sacrifices made by each generation of Americans along the way. It's only by the grace of God and guts of our ancestors that we are here today.

The military ousting of Egyptian leader Mohammed Morsi this week after just one year in office shows how fragile developing a democracy can be, and underscores how well the principles of freedom, balance of power and justice were developed by our country's forefathers.

So as you enjoy our country's freedoms today, take a moment to rejoice in what it really means to be an American and be thankful for living in the greatest nation on earth.

This Viewpoint reflects the majority opinion of the Register editorial board. Members of the board are: Tim Parkison, publisher; Matt Westerhold, managing editor; Mike Schaffer, chief design editor; Mark Yocum, advertising director; Kathy Lilje, features editor; and Latasha Webb, home delivery manager. Register circulation director Bill Ney suggested this editorial. 



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