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State troopers to partner with Border Patrol

Register • Jun 25, 2013 at 2:01 PM

The Ohio Highway Patrol will expand its partnership with the U.S. Border Patrol by establishing a sub-post  at the Border Patrol headquarters in Port Clinton. 

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is subject to state laws governing law enforcement agencies. 

The Border Patrol and other federal agencies do not respond to public information requests or provide any information about activities of federal agencies, arrests, detainees or other standard documentation required by state law. 

The new station will begin operating from the Border Patrol HQ at 709 SE Catawba Road in Port Clinton later this month.

The Ohio Highway Patrol Sanduky Post made the announcement this morning in the following news release: The Ohio State Highway Patrol announced today that it will open a sub-post in Ottawa County to better serve the motorists and residents in the area.  The Sandusky Post, which is located in Erie County, but also provides patrol services for Ottawa County, will begin operating from an office located at the United States Border Patrol Office, 709 SE Catawba Road, Port Clinton, Ohio 43452, beginning on June 26, 2013.

Troopers working in Ottawa County can use the sub-post to meet with the public in order to complete crash reports, enter case investigations and process evidence.

“A sub-post in Ottawa County will allow the Sandusky Post to provide a more consistent level of service to the residents of Ottawa County,” said Lt. Anthony L. DeChoudens, Sandusky Post Commander.  “The establishment of this enhanced presence in the county is another way in which the Ohio State Highway Patrol is contributing to a safer Ohio.  It will also continue to enhance the strong partnership created between the Ohio State Highway Patrol and United States Border Patrol.”

In 1933, the first Ohio State Highway Patrol class graduated from Camp Perry and was assigned to six districts across the state, with each district having three substations.  These substations were initially located in private residences.  The major organizational change to the structure of the Patrol occurred in 1953.

In January 2012, a plan was outlined to reorganize the Patrol’s structure to continue providing a high level of service at a reduced cost.  In January 2013, the Patrol completed the reorganization from ten districts to eight.  Headquarters for the eight districts are in Findlay, Bucyrus, Warren, Piqua, Columbus, Cambridge, Wilmington and Jackson.

As part of the reorganization, plans are to establish sub-posts in the 31 resident counties that do not have stand-alone posts to ensure appropriate traffic safety services and coverage in all Ohio’s 88 counties.

Area motorists and residents in need of Patrol services should contact the Sandusky Post at (419) 625-6565.

(End of news release)

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