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Unrest in peace

Register • May 2, 2013 at 8:16 AM

Dr. Cynthia Beisser is scheduled to conduct an autospy today on the remains of Jacob Limberios, whose body was removed from its grave at the Castalia Cemetery on Wednesday for a second time.

Beisser is a deputy county coroner with the Lucas County Coroner's office. 

Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry, who ordered the autopsy after previously indicating he no longer needed one, did not seek permission from the family or inform them directly of the decision to exhume their son. Henry has refused to comment on a timeline for when the autopsy would be complete or whether the body would be returned to the family for re-burial. He also refuses to comment on the apparent conflict that exists with a public official serving as both prosecutor and defense counsel for the county in the same matter. 

Henry also refuses to discuss the disposition of a tissue sample the family previously provided to county investigators and whether that sample was tested, or retained. He also refuses to say specifically what information is being sought from a second autopsy. 

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