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Jail guard sidelined after altercation

Jessica Cuffman • Apr 28, 2013 at 3:37 PM

Deputy Chris Benson was placed on administrative leave April 19, after co-worker Emily Longoria, a deputy, wrote a letter to the jail administrator outlining the alleged incidents.

Benson, she said, struck her between the shoulder blades in one incident while the two were on duty April 15, according to a complaint the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office released Friday.

The second incident happened two days later, when Longoria was supervising an inmate who was calling his mother.

According to Longoria, Benson entered the room and yelled profanities at her, asking her what her attitude problem was. When she didn’t answer him, Benson allegedly grabbed her face and yanked it toward him.

“You look at me when I’m f---ing taking to you,” he allegedly told her, according to the complaint.

Longoria said she told Benson not to touch her, so he yelled at her again before slamming the top of a medicine cabinet shut and walking out of the room, the complaint stated.

“I was distraught and didn’t know what to do, because I couldn’t believe he acted in such a way in front of an inmate,” Longoria stated in her letter to Sheriff’s Maj. Tom Fligor.

Later in the day, she told the shift supervisor about the incident, but she didn’t want him to say anything because she was scared of retaliation, according to the report. 

On April 18, however, she approached her supervisor again. The next day, she wrote the letter to Fligor.

Sheriff Kyle Overmyer placed Benson on paid leave the day he received the complaint, pending the outcome of an investigation into an alleged violation of workplace rules or policies.

Benson was also ordered to stay off of county property and to avoid contact with any other sheriff’s office employee. He also had to surrender his badge, identification, keys and radio.

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